Your homeschooling journey may include adapting to learning differences that require a more unique way to learn. These five Spotlight companies provide various approaches to learning that are especially effective for kids who are struggling to learn one or many subjects. Review the descriptions below and follow the links for a fresh new look at home education options. 
Dyslexia Gold
Does Your Child Find Reading Difficult? 

Dyslexia Gold Improves Reading and Spelling 

Dyslexia Gold is an online program that helps children to read and spell confidently and fluently. It is suitable for both early readers and older readers who find reading difficult. 

Why We Are Different 

Phonics works best when combined with auditory games, so children can hear sounds in words, and vision training, so their eyes track smoothly across the page. 

Dyslexia Gold is the only program that focuses on all the skills needed for reading. 

Multi-Sensory Approach 

Dyslexia Gold uses speaking, hearing, reading & writing to fully engage your child. 

It works at your child's pace, progressing at the right speed for them.  

Perfect for Home Schooling 

The no-prep lessons teach your child to read confidently, fluently, and easily. Children work independently, requiring minimal supervision. The programs are online and easy to use. 

Fun, Effective & Unique 

Children love playing Dyslexia Gold - and you'll both love how much their reading improves. It’s suitable for children aged 6-15.  

Dyslexia Gold teaches children to read and spell 
✓ Perfect for Home Schooling 
✓ Suitable for ages 6 – 15 
✓ Only $26 per month 

Instant Access - 100% Secure - Cancel Anytime 

"This really is an amazing program! I encourage you to consider this if you have a struggling reader." 
Jennifer D, Home School Mom 

"Absolutely would recommend! Already seeing progress in our son's reading after only two months following this program."  
Melanie W, Home School Mom 
RJ Cooper & Associates
Hi from SPED technologist, RJ Cooper!

I've been creating and adapting technology for special needs since 1983! No one has been doing it longer. Whatever your situation, there is a good chance I can make something for you!

From cause/effect devices and software/apps, to spelling programs/apps, adapted music players, accessible TV controllers, Xbox/PS4 controllers, sensory feedback devices, wheelchair mounts, and protective/transportable iPad cases, I offer something for everyone :-) I've even resurrected my popular young childrens' vehicle, the CooperCar 2.

And I specialize in custom-making/adapting just for your unique need. I love a good brainstorming session.

I hope to hear from you!

RJ Cooper, M.Ed.-ASD
Branson Academy
Carter (name changed) is non-verbal and diagnosed with ASD. After four years in the public school system, his mom was looking for better options for her son’s growth.

Carter’s mom chose our California private school satellite program (PSP) as an umbrella for her homeschool needs. It was a privilege to support her vision for her son. After purchasing an Augmentative Alternative Communication device and providing specialized one-on-one instruction the changes were dramatic and culminated a decade later in Carter graduating high school with a 4.0 GPA and admission to the university of his choice. Carter's goal is to advocate for and mentor other students with special needs, especially those on the autism spectrum.

What an incredible journey! This is why we support ALL learners!

How did we help?

We managed the student transfer and records from Carter’s prior school. We made it easy for Carter’s mom to use a flexible study plan and online reports. Personalized parent updates and quarterly feedback encouraged her in the journey.

A standardized high school transcript accurately reflected Carter’s accomplishments with courses, credits, GPA and achievements. Plus, he received a beautiful high school diploma!

Carter’s mom expressed her appreciation. “Thank you for the many, many kind words. Your support has been very helpful to us on our homeschooling journey. Thanks for everything!”

Other parents of learners with special needs feel the same!
Enjoy freedom and flexibility for your child with our California PSP. Enroll now for 2021-22.

SailAway Learning
Understand Your Child’s World

Since 1997, SailAway assessments have provided hope, solutions, and freedom...

For Parents:

  • Hope. Peace comes when you understand why your child struggles and recognize infinite possibilities despite them.

  • Solutions. Knowledge builds with learning the best educational practices for your child from one-on-one discussion with a Ph.D. educational psychologist.

  • Freedom. Confidence soars with guided direction to customize your child’s learning based on their individual assessment results.

 For Children:

  • Hope. Believe in themselves when they realize they are smart and can learn! (Assessment results say so.)

  • Solutions. Discover their best ways to learn and use them to achieve all their life goals.

  • Freedom. Unlock their full potential and gifts allowing them to realize their dreams

What Parents Say:

  “SailAway provides valuable, full psycho-educational assessments that include individual consultation and recommendations. THIS SERVICE IS GOLD. The people at SailAway are huge-hearted and qualified.” -Wendy W.

Find HOPE today!  
Discover SailAway’s full range of psycho-educational assessments*

*Personal assistance available to help you determine the right assessment direction for you and your children.
Flip Flop Spanish
Señora Gose is a former public-school teacher and a homeschooling mother of five (with one graduated so far!). She created Flip Flop Spanish tools for her own private Spanish classes after leaving the public school system when their first baby was born.

Everyone in a Flip Flop Spanish family loves the easy flashcard method, learns, and even begins speaking together based on simple photo cues and included audio.

Students who are pre-readers, or even have visual processing problems are NO obstacle for Flip Flop! No screens, no reading! Just See it and Say it Flip Flop Spanish! Intuitive, short, hands-on lessons provide an easy bilingual journey for the entire family ages 3 to 93. Find your effective, low stress two-year Spanish curriculum here: 

After families complete their Flip Flop Spanish lessons, they become Spanish Geniuses by accessing Señora Gose's video course subscription, complete with LIVE Spanish practice opportunities each week. High School Spanish 1 and 2 as well as fun junior classes are all included in one low monthly price for all of your children to access and self-pace simultaneously. 

Already have high schoolers? You can do the Quick Start guide with flashcards or begin fresh with Lesson one on the Spanish Geniuses page.

Browse the DEMO videos, or start your free week here:
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