Seafood Update
September 9th - September 14th
Featured Fish
Fresh Swordfish
USA - Mid-Atlantic | cut from 30-40 lb. fish

Beautiful domestic swordfish are being landed off the coast of Maryland to the New England area. We have a great supply coming in this week!
Spotlight Items!
Fresh Mahi-Mahi
Caribbean | 3-5 lb. & 5-10 lb. fish

Fresh Mahi-Mahi is a great add this week. Just received a fresh shot of 5-10 lb. fish today with more coming in throughout the week. Smaller 3-5 lb. fish will be coming in Wednesday.

Fresh Whole Bronzino
Mediterranean | 0.9 lb. -1.3 lb. fish & 1.3 lb. - 1.75 lb. fish

We have a fresh supply of these fish being flown in tomorrow. Great for whole fish presentations.
Fresh Scottish Salmon
Faroe Islands - Farm Raised | 15-17 lb. fish

This high-end salmon impresses from appearance to taste. The delicately cut fillets run on average 5lb. each. A great year-round product for your menu.

Fresh Flounder
East Coast  | cut from 1-2 lb. & 2-4 lb. fish

Beautiful East Coast fish are showing up and we have a fresh shot coming in tomorrow. A great menu add!

Watch House Point Oysters
Eastern Shore, Virginia  | Farmed -100 ct.

Grown on the historic Watch House Point oyster grounds located on the southern tip of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, these bivalves pack a salty punch upfront followed by hints of cucumber and melon.
Cuttlefish Ink 500g
Frozen | 1.1 lb. Jar

Our high quality Cuttlefish Ink (Squid Ink) is a great addition to your ingredient repertoire. Try a jar of this product with your next order!

Spanish Octopus
Wild Caught - 6/8 lb. each | 33 lb. Case

 Sourced direct from the harvest vessel, it is quick frozen on the boat once harvested to preserve freshness and flavor.
J.O. Spice Seasonings
Various Sizes & Flavors Available

We carry everything from #1 Shrimp Spice, #2 Crab Spice, Bay Country, Blackening, and various breaders & batters. Check with your account rep for sizes and prices.
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