Have you found the perfect way to teach math to your family? Read below to learn the details of some of the top homeschooler math programs and curriculum that will build confidence and engage your student in the lessons. Whether they are just starting to learn numbers or moving on to advanced level concepts, you can find the right fit for you and your child.

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Denison Algebra

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We are a curriculum company built for homeschool families to provide quality, digital instruction in middle and high school math, particularly algebra. As homeschoolers ourselves, we understand the issues–from ill-fitting curriculum options to the onset of shaky confidence–that often surface when students hit higher-level math. Our courses are designed to build confidence and prepare your student for success in high school math, even if they've had trouble with it before now.  

Every lesson has an instructional video (approximately 15-20 minutes) taught clearly and concisely by a veteran math teacher, covering the amount of material a high schooler can absorb in one sitting. The notes seen on screen during the video are the exact notes the student has in his or her hands from the consumable student textbook. Our physical textbooks reduce cognitive strain and copying errors, reinforcing the learning process through the reading-writing connection. Each assignment problem is also worked on video so both students and parents can see the process in detail and accurately check work.  

Denison Algebra can help you say goodbye to the weeping and wailing, "I hate algebra," "I can't do this," math sessions. Trust us . . . life is way better without them. 

Visit www.denisonalgebra.com for sample lessons and course offerings.

Math Mammoth

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Did you know this about Math Mammoth?

Math Mammoth offers an affordable, complete math curriculum for grades 1-7–available BOTH in print and digital formats.

  • It is mastery-oriented and organized into chapters by topics. Thus, in each chapter the curriculum concentrates on one theme and its connecting topics (such as place value, multiplication, or geometry). Each grade level typically contains 8-10 chapters.
  • The curriculum focuses strongly on conceptual understanding.
  • Visual models and exercises are used a lot.
  • Mental math and number sense are emphasized.
  • The curriculum is nearly self-teaching for many children, since the full explanations of concepts are included in the student books. Thus it requires fairly little preparation time from the teacher.
  • The curriculum is available both in print and digital formats.
  • International & Canadian versions available also!

What is provided?

Each grade level consists of two student worktexts (A and B), which contain both the teaching (explanations) and all of the student work (exercises). Also included are answer keys, chapter tests, end-of-year test, cumulative review lessons, and a versatile worksheet maker (Internet access required).

There are also lots of videos (available online for free) that are matched to the curriculum, and we offer free online practice of many math skills.

Download a bundle of TONS of free sample pages from Math Mammoth, and see for yourself what people are raving about!

=> www.mathmammoth.com/free

Math Galaxy

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Preschool and Kindergarten Math

Plus math riddle worksheets and all the math you need for K-12

"Our users found the application a delight to use and kept playing the games again and again . . . they particularly enjoyed the differentiation of gameplay, there is something for everyone!"

"The developers can be congratulated on the variety of math topics the application offers. The application is easy to understand and gives an educational focus for each of the games."

See the rest of the review:


"This was Kandy's (2) favorite Math Galaxy app."

Domestic Diva

"My 4-year-old loves the Froggie Jump and Tracing Numbers games! The colors, fun images, and sounds all work well to get him excited about numbers."

Our Little Bunch

"The graphics on this app are cute and engaging for the youngest of kids and this app includes counting, matching numbers–click on a number and the corresponding visual (love this)–matching sums which is very similar, but with addition, tracing numbers, Froggie count, and Froggie jump."

A Mother's Random Thoughts

Preview Preschool & Kindergarten Math on YouTube

Preview 1st Grade Math on YouTube

Preview 2nd Grade Math on YouTube

Preview 3rd Grade Math on YouTube

Preview Math Riddle Worksheets on YouTube


Angela O'Dell

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Math Lessons for a Living Education is the award-winning elementary math curriculum written by Angela O'Dell and published by Master Books, a leader in publishing homeschool curricula written from a Biblical Worldview.

Math Lessons for a Living Education, along with Practice Makes Perfect, the accompanying supplemental workbooks for each level, and the matching Master Books Academy courses, were voted one of the 2022 Teach Them Diligently ULTIMATE HOMESCHOOL FAVORITES. 


Learn Math Fast System

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Think you need 12 years to learn math?

Now, you can LEARN MATH FAST!

How is that possible?

With the award-winning Learn Math Fast System!


Click on the image above to view some of our methods, and to print FREE math assignments.

You MUST read the incredible online reviews. Students of all ages, and learning styles, are going from 2 + 3 to high school geometry in as little as one year. 


Is your dyslexic student struggling to learn math? 

LEARN MATH FAST is proven to work.


Is your high schooler years behind? 

LEARN MATH FAST will work this year!


Are you finding your math skills are a bit rusty? 

LEARN MATH FAST can teach you at the same time.


Have you tried all the other curricula out there? 

Try LEARN MATH FAST. It will work or your money back.


Are you teaching multiple children? 

Then LEARN MATH FAST is for you too! The worksheets are reproducible. 


Click on the image to learn “The Nine’s Trick” and “The Eleven’s Trick.”

Can your student read music? 

Click to watch a video that teaches fractions to musicians in minutes.

Print the first two lessons from Learn Math Fast or our Big, Big Bookmark for free. It has all the most easily forgotten math concepts listed on both sides. 


Use coupon code LMFWORKS to get 10% off your order at www.LearnMathFastBooks.com or call us at 888-510-MATH.

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