Work toward your educational goals in 2024 with these offers for music, life training, and math. Read the descriptions below for a clear understanding of how these companies can be a great fit for one or more of your children. Follow the links to learn more about what they offer for your home education life.

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MerrieNan Melodies

“Music never made sense until your product.”

Sita Greenlee, homeschooling parent

You can teach your children to read music and play the piano—even if you don’t do either!

Jumpstart your new year with piano lessons for your children as young as four years old!

Click to learn more about this innovative method. The MerrieNan Melodies (MNM) music curriculum offers everything you need to give your entire family the gift of music.

Your children will thrill with their first glance at the MNM Kit’s games and supportive educational materials. The colorful books will delight them!

The color is not just for fun. We added color to help new learners know where to play the notes. This help is like training wheels on a bicycle. And just like training wheels, the color goes away when no longer needed.

With MerrieNan Melodies, your children will write and read their own music! Age-appropriate music theory plus delightful songbooks are also included.

Let us guide you through the lessons with our Teacher Manual. The pacing is up to you and your children since you know them best.

With MNM, your investment in your family’s music education costs less than piano lessons for one child for three months! One child? Six or more children? All can share these MNM materials and joyously learn with you as their teacher in your own home.

Call 785-766-7632 for a special offer for your family! Call and mention The Old Schoolhouse® to get this offer.

International ALERT Academy

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Are you looking for what comes next after high school?

Go beyond the ordinary at the International ALERT Academy. ALERT’s purpose is to forge extraordinary men who influence their world for Christ. This occurs as The Gospel transforms a man, Discipline strengthens a man, Hardship matures a man, Camaraderie sharpens a man, Training equips a man, and Service focuses a man. ALERT utilizes a military-style structure, intentional discipleship, unique experiences, and professional skills training to create an environment that facilitates the forging process. Our goal is to create men who are spiritually sound, physically fit, and ready to serve.

ALERT’s training is broken into three phases:

1st Phase: Basic Training

Basic Training is a mentally and physically demanding boot camp that develops respect, discipline, humility, and mental resilience.

2nd Phase: Intermediate Training

Intermediate Training is designed to develop personal competence, critical thinking, life purpose, and a service mindset through a variety of skills and experiences.

3rd Phase: Advanced Training

Advanced Training sharpens men through professional instruction, hands-on experience, and intentional mentorship in the training option of their choice:

  • Aviation
  • Basic Training Cadre
  • Construction
  • Diving
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Leadership & Communications
  • Missions
  • Technical Rescue

For more information, visit our website at, call our office at (903) 636-9500, or come for Preview Day and experience extraordinary for yourself! 

Math Mammoth

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Get FREE books from Math Mammoth!

Math Mammoth Measuring 1 is a work text that covers measuring length, weight, and volume for grades 1–3.

The book contains both the teaching and the exercises, is easy to teach from, and requires very little teacher preparation. (In several lessons you’ll need measuring equipment.)

The lessons concentrate on hands-on exercises where the student actually measures things.

Great for filling in gaps or for extra review—no matter what other math curriculum you might be using.

Download it (PDF file) from the link below—no strings attached:

What’s even better . . . on the same page, you can also download a bundle of review workbooks! Just scroll down a bit.

Math Mammoth review workbooks (grades 1–7) give students a thorough review of one grade level of math. Each book has both topical as well as mixed review worksheets and includes both per-topic tests and a comprehensive end-of-year test.

Again, it won’t matter if you use some other curriculum; these workbooks are great for extra practice, to prepare students for the next grade, or for summer math practice.

Check all the free books out at this link:

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