Educate, inspire, and entertain your family with these online programs and experiences. Read on to get to know these companies that serve your family in different ways to prepare for and pursue God’s purpose for their lives.

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At Veritas, we believe in thinking differently and in raising standards to ensure children are preparing for life, ready to engage our culture as bold, effective servants of Christ, and ready to succeed in whatever God has for them.

We do this by having the best-in-class curricula that teaches children according to how they naturally develop, in line with God’s design, with methods that captivate their minds and hearts, and all in a way that is easy for parents and teachers to use.

Combining innovative new technology, classical education, and a Christian worldview that harnesses the power of the Trivium, we’re able to provide three easy ways to learn because no two parents or children are the same.

“My experience with Veritas was pretty spectacular, and I am extremely grateful for it. Veritas prepared me exceedingly well for college. To be honest, I feel overprepared sometimes because the work I am doing so far in college is nothing compared to the work I did at VSA. Veritas has high expectations and standards for its students; however, I think those expectations have set me up for success in college … I honestly have so much free time [in college] because I learned how to manage my school and personal life while at Veritas and still do well in both areas.” –Ansley S, '22 Veritas Scholars Academy Graduate

If you would like to talk with an expert on how to classically educate your children, schedule a free consultation with one of our experts!


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At the core of everything we do at iCEV is our mission to “create innovative solutions to educate, serve, and inspire.”

As the most extensive online library of CTE courses available, iCEV offers impactful instructional and hands-on learning experiences to prepare students for their future. As an innovative leader in the CTE space, iCEV serves a wide range of educators by providing classroom and curriculum resources as well as access to support to ensure both educators’ and students’ needs are met throughout the learning process.

iCEV strives to inspire all learners through engaging and impactful CTE learning aimed at helping students find their passion and begin pursuing their goals.

For more on iCEV’s course offerings and platform features, visit our website.

Advancing Native Missions

Is missions part of your homeschool curriculum?

The Advancing Native Missions Gift Catalog is full of 25+ gifts that support missions around the world. 

Choose from Illustrated Bible Storybooks for Chinese children ($4), chickens ($3) to help families raise food for themselves, socks for North Korean Christians ($6), and many more gifts.

Every gift is delivered by local Christians in Jesus’ name so the Gospel spreads as people receive practical help.

Shop the Gift Catalog at

Kids come up with all kinds of fun ways to raise money for catalog gifts. Your kids might choose to do chores for neighbors, collect spare change around the house, hold a bake sale, or try some other creative idea.

Beth’s grandchildren had a yard work day at her house to earn money for catalog gifts. Here’s what Beth said afterward:

“It was such a fun time. We had great discussions about missions in other countries and even about the persecuted church. I could feel God working in their young hearts, and I know He will grow this in their lives.”

As Beth witnessed that day, families who give and serve together grow in faith together. The ANM Gift Catalog is a great way to do that.

Choose your gifts today at


Your Friends at ANM

P.S. When you choose a gift from the ANM Gift Catalog, you send practical help and the hope of the gospel to people who need it around the world. Choose your gifts here.


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An Online Program That Inspires! 

Teaching your homeschooled children can open their minds. But inspiring your children can open their hearts to a lifetime love of learning. Funnix is the #1 educational tool to keep your family learning and discovering.

Helping your children learn how to read, write, and communicate effectively is your top priority as a homeschooling parent—particularly in these early K–2 years of your children's education. But instructing them is about so much more than lesson plans and skills. For them to be truly successful in the world, your young readers will need more than an understanding of phonics. Give them the spark that will light their way forward in the years ahead. Give them real inspiration. Give them Funnix. 

As the leading subscription-based learning program for teaching and encouraging early reading (and math, too!), Funnix gives you all the tools you need to teach and inspire your children at home, year after year. 

Beyond the highly effective lesson plans, our proven, award-winning, and affordable online program is also fun. From sequenced Direct Instruction (DI) modules to hands-on tools that help you bring each lesson to life, Funnix will motivate and encourage your children to find a true love of learning. 

Now is the time to subscribe and see why the Funnix online instructional program is the #1 choice for guiding your K–2 learners. 

Get started today and see how Funnix can inspire your early readers at home. 

The Animation Course

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Chad Stewart, former Disney Animator and veteran homeschool Dad, offers Online Animation or Drawing Classes for ages 11–18.

Chad runs an amazing program, and he has so much to share with his students whether they want to join him for a Drawing Class or an Animation Class, or for the full series of classes where students can even complete their own short film!

Here is what one student says about his classes:

“It would be easy for you and your wife and the graders to say thanks for showing up, paying for a course, turning in assignments, and for you guys to check off on the 'completed' box. But I feel like I am getting so much in return. The lessons, videos, and feedback are incredible!” —Elise

Weekly classes are one hour long, and industry professionals complete video reviews of all assignments as a part of every class that is taught. The cost is $400 for the full 12-week session, and the Spring Session begins January 23rd. Classes tend to fill up quickly, so you can hold your child’s spot with a $50 deposit at the time of registration!

Classes are held during Spring, Summer, and Fall Sessions so if you can’t join us now, please check back with us again!

Kayla Stewart or 661-755-5775

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