Get the most out of your child's learning experience with these offers that guide, teach, train, and inspire. STEAM learning encompasses various subjects and these companies give you a fresh look at some intriguing options. Delight the senses and encourage creativity!
Smart Bubblegum
Expanding Support for STEAM

Supporting you and your child’s learning is our mission. Your child will:

• fill learning gaps
• master subjects and content
• improve average grades
• accelerate new skills
• increase confidence and success

We make searching for STEAM-related Learning Apps much easier for parents. We do all the hard work for you. We locate, test, and provide reports on the TOP, most valuable Apps and Resources – gathered in our trusted, exclusive Virtual Learning Directory for all ages, subjects, and learning levels.

Save time, money, and frustration in locating the best and most ideal learning apps for your child to catch up and master specific skills.

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Use our 7 Steps to Homeschooling Success with Apps to help guide and inform the best ways for your child to learn through apps. It is available free.

Our team of education specialists, teachers, and parent reviewers understands that each child learns at a different pace, which drives our passion for inspiring every child to succeed. Our dedication is to provide homeschooling parents the tools to enhance and customize each child’s education.

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Insect Lore
Butterfly Garden® Home School Edition

Spring is around the corner and it’s time to reconnect with nature in your home classroom! Engage and inspire your children with Insect Lore's NEW Butterfly Garden® Home School Edition butterfly-growing kit. The unique butterfly habitat included allows kids to witness and learn about the fascinating process of metamorphosis up close. This kit is STEM Authenticated and has been awarded Newsweek’s ”Best In STEM 2021” Award. It also provides children with many art-themed activities, making the Home School Edition a well-rounded STEAM project. 

Butterfly Garden® Home School Edition includes: 

  • An enhanced butterfly habitat with Ultra-Clear Viewing Window and special Tuck-Away Learning Panel, which highlights additional educational opportunities and each amazing stage of butterfly metamorphosis
  • Flower-shaped butterfly feeder 
  • Feeding dropper
  • 12-page STEM Activity Journal for Budding Entomologists
  • Instruction Guide
  • Voucher to redeem for FREE Caterpillars and FREE Shipping
  • Chrysalis Holding Log (arrives with your Cup of Caterpillars)
  • Wildflower Seed Packet, with seeds especially chosen to grow butterfly-attracting flowers in your home garden (also arrives with your Cup of Caterpillars)

Butterfly Garden® Home School Edition offers countless STEAM learning opportunities that encourage hands-on problem solving and experimentation – and it’s FUN! After your family has enjoyed the butterflies for a few days, celebrate your metamorphosis project by releasing them outdoors, so they can complete the circle of life and pollinate our precious environment.

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 Bath play line for STEM Learning

- natural, organic bath salts that turn every bath into a creative experience -

Kids will experience bathing like never before: Playful learning while the skin is cleansed and moisturized.

A love for science made us develop tubbubble – fun, colorful, natural products for educational bath activities that promote science learning. Tubbubble bath salts are designed in the US and made in Germany. Following European natural cosmetic requirements with natural ingredients and gentle scent, tubbubble is deeply moisturizing and will fill the bathtub with fun.

Nature. Science.

Natural ingredients create magical effects that inspire to learn the science behind them.

  • Organic flower extracts color the water: Learn about color theory
  • Bubbles out of a pouch: Learn how they are created
  • Foam eruptions: Learn what it is made of

For these and many other “experiences”, visit The Science Behind.

No mess. Just quality time.

Tubbubble is all-in-one: No need for soap or lotion. Plus, it does not stain the skin, the tub, or your towels, so you don't lose time cleaning up after bath time.

Tubbubble products are natural and vegan, dermatologically tested but never tested on animals. No: gluten, GMO, SLS, palm oil, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, and dyes. Read about all our ingredients and their “job” in our products.

Our Bubble Bath Pouches and Foaming Bath Pebbles are complemented by unique bath toys and accessories.

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Creating A Masterpiece
Award-Winning Online Art Lessons
for Ages 5 through 105+

Explore the fun of creativity while equipping your students to create on their own. Creating A Masterpiece offers students of all skill levels the step-by-step training they need to take their skills to the next level! Four award-winning online programs are available including Art Beginners, Art Essentials, Drawing, and Art History. Special homeschool rates available.

Students learn to create with confidence and skill. Unlike other programs that teach one or two media, we offer over 40+ different media including watercolor, painting, wood burning, sculpture, scratch art, batik, pastel, glass mosaic, and much more! Students can follow their interests as they choose from 150+ high-quality fine art projects. They can experiment and learn many different methods used to create stunning art.

Outside the Box Creation
Adding the arts into a child’s STEM education has many proven benefits: increased creativity, improved overall academic performance, enhanced motor skills, higher decision-making skills, heightened visual literacy & better design thinking capabilities. Outside the Box Creation makes it easy!

Outside the Box Creation's subscription art boxes for elementary-age kids & families are like an art class in a box - delivered to your home monthly. Every month is a new project, element of art, and medium. Homeschool parents love that each regular size box includes enough supplies for up to 2 children, Family Size boxes include enough supplies for up to 4, and that no parental art expertise is needed! Easy-to-follow instructions and video tutorials allow you all to discover the projects together while also encouraging creative thinking and problem-solving.

Each box comes with a specially curated picture book to provide inspiration and an automatic literature tie-in. Many of our boxes explore the intersections of art with science, history, math, and culture.

Our March Box is a clay project about sharks!
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