Learning and teaching happen in many different ways, and the companies below offer various educational resources to learn and understand science and the world around us. Read about hands-on learning approaches, nature study, geology kits, and electronics training to turn learning into knowledge that sticks! 
Family Home Christian Books
Discover the Wonders of Nature

Discover and be amazed by the wonders of nature. From the infinitely small atom to the colossal universe. Nothing seems to be the result of random development but reveals the intelligent creational will of a Superior Being.

Wonder-Filled Days
Hands-on Science through Nature Study

Are you struggling with teaching science? Hands-on science through nature study can revolutionize the way you approach science. 

You can study life cycles through observation. A child who witnesses a monarch butterfly emerging from a chrysalis will know more about the process than one who reads about it. More importantly, the experience will ignite a sense of wonder that textbooks are not capable of doing. Tadpoles and ladybugs are other fascinating life cycles you can study first-hand.
Is a meteor shower coming up? Study meteors, comets, and our solar system. From there, it is natural to include who discovered the comet causing the meteor shower.

Observe the lichen in your area. Research what makes up lichen and how it can determine air quality in your area. Rehydrate some of it, and spend time observing microorganisms in it with a microscope.

Learn about geology by studying rocks. Collect rock samples in your area and see if you can discover what type they are. Determine the hardness using the Mohs’ scale. Use vinegar to test for effervescence and a strong magnet to check the iron content.

There is no end to the science you can discover through hands-on nature study. It may take a little more work, but you will have a child who is engaged and ready to fall in love with learning.


Suzanna writes about nature study, books, and family at Wonder-Filled Days. She offers monthly nature calendars and studies that combine hands-on nature study, literature, fine art, poetry, and more.
Northwest Treasures
Why Teach Geology?

Because your kids love it! You’ve seen it in the rocks and fossils they squirrel away in their pockets!

You want to grab those teachable moments, and one of the best ways to do that is with geology kits and curricula from Northwest Treasures, Geology.

Why Northwest Treasures?

  • Hands-on learning with real geology samples: When kids can get their hands on our kits that include rocks, minerals, and real dinosaur fossils, their learning skyrockets!
  • Building the Biblical Framework for understanding geology: When it comes to geology, this really does matter. Think about these questions: How old is the earth? Where did the dinosaurs go? What do the layers of the sediments mean? When did volcanoes first appear on the earth? The answers to all these questions are rooted in how you view the world around us. Our framework supports the 6-day Creation and the Flood of Genesis.
  • 60 kits to choose from! From mining to gems and crystals, our national parks, dinosaurs, rocks and minerals, and just “regular” studies, as well!

And we have something for every grade! Choose from:

  • Rocks/Minerals
  • Fossils/Dinosaurs
  • Volcanoes

  • Earth Science
  • Rocks/Minerals
  • Fossils/Dinosaurs
  • Volcanoes
  • Gems and Crystals
  • History and geology
  • Mining
  • Fluorescence

  • Rocks/Minerals
  • Fossils/Dinosaurs
  • Ice Age
  • Apologetics
  • Volcanoes/Earthquakes
  • Flood Geology

. . . and so much more!

Be sure to see our National Parks and State Geology kits.
Just for fun, check out this video with Rockman Pat, Patrick Nurre, on our YouTube channel!
Etron Circuit Labs
Equipping your student with the skills necessary in a competitive world can seem overwhelming. Identifying and matching curricula best suited to develop their unique skills and talents can feel daunting. The Basics v2.0 Intro to Electronics curriculum was designed to take the guesswork out of STEM-based learning, introducing students to basic electronic ideas and principles that make up just about every item we take for granted on a daily basis.

Beginning with an introduction to what makes up an electronic circuit, each lesson builds upon the previous, gradually increasing in difficulty, introducing additional layers of complexity while reinforcing concepts already learned. Students build circuits that demonstrate the principle being taught, circuits that are at once both fun and educational.

Students can work with others or at their own pace, learning and experimenting with the concepts taught. Included with The Basics v2.0 are all the electronic components needed to complete each lesson, and when used in partnership with Etron Academy - a guided online video course - students can be fully immersed in the learning process challenged to build and create above and beyond the lessons included within the text.

Etron Circuit is committed to the success of its users, offering full phone support (888-821-1100) should a question arise, and ready to celebrate your students' success and innovation. 

Painless Learning

They are brightly colored, completely laminated, beautifully detailed, and measure a full 12”x 17 ½”. They are offered in 71 exceptional designs; all developed to enrich your child’s learning experience.

From Pre-school to Grandparents there’s a placemat for everyone. They offer a delightful way for children to master new subjects and for adults to brush up on old ones.

All of the placemats are interactive and completely laminated in a durable write-on/wipe-off laminate and all have learning exercises on the back; fun exercises that can keep kids busy for hours at a time.

Painless Learning Placemats can be used any time–informally at the kitchen table during snack times or more formally as an introduction to new subjects. Many of them such as the Solar System, Stars, and Constellations, Weather, or the Human Body create an environment that is ripe for family discussion.

Some of the subjects such as Famous Artists and Great Composers can highlight interest in Art and Music. Let’s not forget the U.S. Map, the World Map, Mexico and Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa that combined offer a virtual trip around the World. 

We suggest a visit to www.painlesslearning.com to see all 71 mats.

All of our products are proudly Made in the USA and are 100% SAFE FOR CHILDREN. They are BPA and Phthalate Free & fully compliant with ASTM F963-17 and the CPSIA.

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