Seafood Update
March 11th - March 14th
Featured Item!
Shad Roe
North Carolina | 6 sets per tub

This week's special price: $5.95 / set

Shad season is in full swing and we continue to have beautiful product rolling in from local boats out of North Carolina. Sets are at 5.95 / lb, & cuts are .99 cents per pound.
Spotlight Items!
Fresh Chesapeake Bay Rockfish
Chesapeake Bay | 2-4#, 5-8#, & 15+ # fish

There are finally some Fresh Jumbo Rockfish showing up (15# and up) but in limited quantities. Due to new net size regulations, the Jumbo fish are not in high supply as years past. We are still seeing a good supply of the 5-8# fish and prices are sharp.

East Coast Halibut
North Atlantic | Cut from 50-85 lb. fish

Fresh East Coast Halibut is a great fish option this week. Prices are sharp and quality has been outstanding. Great menu add!

Fresh Bronzino
Mediterranean | 600 - 800g fish
Flown in direct from the Mediterranean - this is a great product for whole fish presentations.

Fresh Corvina
Caribbean | 10+ lb. fish
Fresh Corvina is a white firm fish similar to drum. It has a mild, sweet taste with firm, large flaked flesh. A fresh shot of Corvina just hit our dock today.

Scottish Salmon Fillets
Scotland | cut from 15-17 lb. fish

Our premier salmon offering, fresh Scottish Salmon, are cut in-house daily to order. Our cutting team trims these fish to leave you with the best usable meat and least amount of waste. Our difference is we trim the tail piece, belly membrane, nape, and the back.

All the trim from these salmon are saved and sold as "salmon pieces", so there is no waste from our cut salmon. We even sell the salmon heads!
Hatteras Salts
Hatteras, NC | 100 ct.

It's hard to go wrong with a Hatteras Salt. This briny oyster has a very clean and mild flavor. Great starting oyster for rookie consumers.

Carolina Gold Rice
Anson Mills | 10# bags

Another exceptional product from our friends at Anson Mills. This item is a great fit for almost any menu - chat with your account manager to get this on your next order!
Andouille Sausage
Crescent City Meats | 12 x 1 lb.

Coming in straight from our friends in Louisiana at Crescent City Meats, this tasty sausage makes for a great addition to any entree.

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