Monday, July 20, 2020
*Revised with updates*

With much prayerful consideration, and input from government and other respected, scientific sources, the Session has decided that we will experiment with an outdoor worship service by gathering on Sunday, Aug. 30 for a 10 a.m. Combined Worship service. It will be held outside the front of the church building.

The service will also be offered via livestream on Facebook Live and on our website (also via phone), as it is every week.
We want to caution that this is the plan at this time. With the changes in the course of Covid-19, that decision could be changed at any time.

So as of right now, these are our plans to go forward for a safe, meaningful gathering on that day:
  • All are welcome, however we only ask you to attend if you feel comfortable doing so, and do not have any symptoms of illness.

  • We have worked hard to establish the following protocols to ensure everyone'e safety. Everyone attending will abide by these protocols; anyone who refuses will be asked to leave.

  • All participants MUST adhere to the following:

  • Wear a face mask when anywhere on the church property

  • Attest to having no Covid-19 symptoms at any time during the previous 14 days

  • Maintain a 10 foot physical distance to non-household members (there will be markings on the ground and volunteers to guide you)

  • The church building will NOT be open, except to access a designated restroom

  • When arriving, please park where the volunteers direct you; we will be maintaining appropriate distance between vehicles

  • You and your household members will be assigned a “pod” space of 10’x10’ where you can place your chairs (please bring your own)

  • If you need help from your car to your pod, you must have a person with you who is able to assist; volunteers would not be able to help without violating physical distancing protocols

  • There will be no singing; verbal (non-singing) responses to the Lord’s Prayer and Scripture are permitted

  • There will be no offering collected at this service - we encourage those wanting to donate to please do so online, via our website

  • You will need to remain in your pod during the service; at the conclusion of the service, each pod will be dismissed by a volunteer, by their pod number

  • Please adhere to the signs/volunteers in place to control traffic flow in and out of the parking lot

  • We would like to have an idea of how many plan to attend. Please complete this short online form with the number of people from your household who will be attending. We ask that each household complete its own form.

Please note that while all participants are required to wear masks at all times, some of the worship leaders will remove their masks when speaking, but will be maintaining a safe distance of at least 30 feet from where the congregation will be seated while doing so.

If the service is cancelled due to weather or other issues, the congregation will be notified the Saturday prior to the scheduled service - that information will be shared via email, Facebook, on our website and a message on the office phone.

If you have any questions about any of these plans, please contact us at

For the past few years we have worked to be an experimental church. We believe this will be a meaningful experiment in our worship and the life of our church.

We are excited to be "together from a distance" in a new way. We are grateful for your faithfulness and cooperation, and look forward to this opportunity.