Being able to provide your children with a customized education is one of the biggest benefits of homeschooling, especially if your child has special needs or is gifted in certain areas. Read below to see what these companies have to offer parents in order to give every child a top-quality education.
Institute for Excellence in Writing
Teaching writing can be easier than you think! Do you have students with special learning needs? Do you have a gifted learner? For more than twenty-five years, IEW® has offered an effective method that encourages and inspires students of all aptitudes and abilities to write and molds them into competent and confident communicators and thinkers.
Want to give it a try? Download three free weeks of language arts lessons that include the following: 
IEW’s products are enjoyable, effective, and easy to use—guaranteed. Do you have questions or need help figuring out where to begin? Give us a call (800.856.5815), send us an email (, or chat with us online at
Download your free materials at
Child Diagnostics
Are you working with a bright, hardworking learner who is having to work too hard to learn? Stop the struggle!

The Dianne Craft Learning System is a “home depot approach”, meaning that it can be done at home, inexpensively and successfully without the high costs of outsourcing services. With our system, parents and teachers learn how to identify the symptoms of blocked learning gates and how to start making corrections using a successful three-pronged approach: 1. Brain Integration Midline Therapy, 2. Right Brain Teaching Strategies & 3. Targeted Nutritional Strategies:

1. Brain Integration Therapy is an at-home midline therapy that can be done at home in 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, and the schedule can be modified to fit into your current teaching day.

2. Right Brain “Healing Teaching” not only helps kids jump to their grade level in one school year, but it also boosts their confidence. You will become addicted to your child’s success. Kids should not have to work too hard to learn!

3. In three months, you can identify nutritional deficiencies or hidden allergies that have been contributing to your child’s learning struggles. Use this holistic approach to avoid these issues any further.

Visit our website for more information:
Award-winning FootFidget® products maintain good circulation to improve focus and health while keeping your students’ hands-free for learning!


FF® 2.0 is manufactured in the U.S.A. by Woman-owned, Physical Therapy Company

Benefits Include:
  • Gentle fidgeting exercise with feet and legs, leaving hands free for learning.
  • Movement provides sensory (proprioceptive) input; improves focus, attention, memory and comfort.
  • Reduces excess ‘fidgety’ energy; helps calm and reduce anxiety for greater awareness and learning.
  • Helps students of all learning styles, including ‘special needs’, to stay on task longer.
  • Increases circulation for better health, and helps to burn more calories.
  • The student is positioned in a ’90-90-90’ ready-to-learn position.
  • Ergonomic Positioning of the FootRest in the middle of the desk space improves posture.
  • A sturdy, quiet and discrete device that will not distract other students.
  • 3 notches to adjust height for comfort.
Two Home Student Models Offered:

  • Securely attaches to all 4 legs of the students’ desk
  • Quick, easy, snap-on installation (no hardware required)
  • Fits school style tubular desk legs
  • Portable lightweight metal frame
  • Use at a desk or table.
  • Can be used sitting or standing.
  •  Easy assembly, hardware included.
  •  Use by older students without behavioral concerns.
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