Summer is not the time to stop learning. It's the time to grab those teachable moments with educational resources that encourage thinking outside the box. This month's spotlight companies have fresh and fabulous options for every family. Use your summer family time by exploring the world around you with the help of the products described below. 
Curiosity Untamed
Thousands of Homeschool Badges!
Ditch the workbooks and have some fun with your schooling this summer. Earn scouting style badges designed specifically for homeschoolers through Curiosity Untamed. 
Badges are a great way to incentivize learning and reward kids for knowledge or skills learned. Earn thousands of badges in nine Areas of Discovery:
  • Discover Agriculture
  • Discover Art
  • Discover Character
  • Discover Health and Safety
  • Discover the Home
  • Discover Knowledge
  • Discover the Outdoors
  • Discover Science and Technology
  • Discover the World
"For every learning experience we can be sure 'there's a badge for that!' If not, we can write one. I love that my daughter and I can participate and learn together."
--Bethany B.
Curiosity Untamed’s scouting style badges are the perfect outline for unique unit studies and have been used by thousands of families for more than 15 years.
“I love everything about Curiosity Untamed - earning whatever badges the kids are interested in, not having to teach different things to different ages, the ability to strive for higher awards, the flexibility for 'quirky' kids, the support from headquarters and other parents... all of it!”
 Katie L. - Homeschool Mom and Club Leader
Curiosity Untamed badges are button-style pins or magnets, not patches, so there is no sewing required. Display them on a vest, jacket, bulletin board, or even on your fridge! Pin badges are only $1.10 each and magnets are $1.50. No subscription necessary to shop in the store.
Give your child a love of learning by letting their curiosity run untamed!
The Chexagon Board and Games

The Power of STEM--Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math--is the boldest initiative in education today for thinking outside the box. Developing math skills and strategic thinking is built into each game on the Chexagon Board. 


Chexagon has been proven in the classrooms of home, public, and private schools. Building remedial math education in after school programs, home and summer camps. Also, you can host your own Chexagon Math Competition so student mathletes can apply learned math skills. Watch mathletes build confidence through healthy competition. Our Chexagon Competition Resource book will give instructions on how to host a competition for six or more players. Learn more at

The Chexagon Board and Games is for ages 6+. The game includes its sturdy board, 15 red and blue checkers, 2 eight-sided dice, and instructions.


CHECKERS played on new checkerboard technology, using the traditional rules. 13 Checkers move forward-right through three zones, on 53 playable squares.

CONNECTION is Connect Four on steroids. Players' moves are offensive and defensive, strategically blocking and scoring to win.

GAMMON uses repetitive math basics (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, or math manipulation) with each roll of the two eight-sided dice. First to clear 15 checkers from the board wins.

Foster-Johnson, LLC, is family-owned and operated with the core value, “Family fun is learning while playing together wherever”.

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Northwest Treasures
Why Teach Geology?

Because your kids love it! You’ve seen it in the rocks and fossils they squirrel away in their pockets!

You want to grab those teachable moments, and a great way to do that is with geology kits and curricula from Northwest Treasures, Geology.

Why Northwest Treasures?

  • Hands-on learning with real geology samples: When kids get their hands on our kits that include rocks, minerals, and real dinosaur fossils, their learning skyrockets!

  • Building the Biblical Framework for understanding geology: When it comes to geology, this really does matter. Think about these questions: How old is the earth? Where did the dinosaurs go? What do the layers of the sediments mean? When did volcanoes first appear on the earth? The answers to these questions are rooted in how you view the world around us. Our framework supports the 6-day Creation and the Flood of Genesis.

  • 60 kits to choose from! From mining to gems and crystals, dinosaurs, national parks, rocks and minerals, and just “regular” studies, as well!

And we have something for every grade!

  • Rocks/Minerals
  • Fossils/Dinosaurs
  • Volcanoes

  • Earth Science
  • Rocks/Minerals
  • Fossils/Dinosaurs
  • Volcanoes
  • Gems and Crystals
  • History and Geology
  • Mining
  • Fluorescence 

  • Rocks/Minerals
  • Fossils/Dinosaurs
  • Ice Age
  • Apologetics
  • Volcanoes/Earthquakes
  • Flood Geology
And don’t forget our National Parks and State Geology kits!
Would you like some help teaching geology? We have online classes. Register for next fall!

Just for fun, check out this video with Rockman Pat, Patrick Nurre, at YouTube.

Pilgrim's Rock
Build a comprehensive, Christ-exalting, and defensible worldview from the infinite excellence of God’s perfections! 

“God the Reason is a remarkable work.”

—Dr. Peter A. Lillback, President, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia 

Do you and your children long for more faith, joy, and comfort in Christ and Scripture?

Have you and your children ever struggled with ultimate or difficult questions about God and life?

Can you and your children answer challenges to your faith?
Are your children spiritually prepared for college?

From the beauty and excellence of God’s attributes, God the Reason builds a comprehensive, Christ-exalting, and defensible worldview that boosts true and unbreakable faith as it exposes the blind and unreasonable faith of unbelief. Read and strengthen your faith and comfort in the promises of God as you open doors to share the glory of Jesus and the Gospel with love, grace, and confidence.

 Be amazed. Be blessed. Be prepared.

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