Fresh Seafood Update
July 29th, 2020
Featured Item!
Fresh Yellowfin Tuna
Caribbean & N.C. | #1, Medium, Large, Jumbo

Fresh Yellowfin Tuna is a great option right now with high quality fish rolling in daily, and prices are very sharp. We cut all our tuna in-house to spec, and can do custom cuts such as bread loaf/center cuts, #1 tuna Blood line out/no chain, ect. Chat with your account manager for more info!

**We also have fresh Bluefin Tuna available with a 2-day pre-order!

Spotlight Items!
Fresh Scottish Salmon
Scotland | 15-17# fish

Our high-end Scottish Salmon is cut to order, and is sure to please the pickiest guests. Purchase whole or we can fillet/pin bone it for you!

31/35 Peeled & Deveined N.C. Shrimp
NC | 31/35 per pound

With fresh Carolina shrimp being very tight recently, we've started to carry a new frozen North Carolina shrimp, and we're excited about it! Introducing peeled & deveined North Carolina shrimp (tail-off)! These shrimp were between a 10/15 - 16/20 head-on size N.C. shrimp that have been peeled/deveined/tailed, which will give you about 31/35 per pound. If you want to take the labor out of peeling our frozen shell-on N.C. shrimp. this is the perfect option. Give us a call or email for more info!

Fresh Grouper
Caribbean | 3-5# fish
Grouper is a great buy right now with prices down and plenty of beautiful fish on the market. A great option heading into the weekend.

Fresh Swordfish
Caribbean | Medium
Swordfish continues to run strong with good availability and prices. We have shipments coming daily, and quality has been outstanding.

Jonah Crab Claws
USA | U/10 (scored)

Frozen Jonah Crab Claws are perfect for an appetizer or even on a main dish. Ask your account manager for pricing!
Rocky Shore Oysters
PEI, Canada | 100 ct

Taste: Sweet brine with a subtle crunch and a deep mineral finish.
Grow-out Method : Wild seed is collected in Rocky Shore, bottom-cultured, then harvested by tongs. Time to market: 3 to 4 years.

Fresh Dry Scallop Pieces/Chunks
Dry Pack | 1 gallon units

Perfect option to save some money on scallops, especially for seafood platters, po-boys, appetizers, and more. These are chunks broken off of whole dry scallops that can no longer be sold whole. Less than half the cost of a whole dry scallop with the same quality.
Fresh Mahi-Mahi
Caribbean | 5-10# fish

Fresh mahi is another great fish options this week with gorgeous whole fish coming out of the Caribbean.

Live Lobsters
Maine | 1#, 1.25#, 1.5#, 2-3#

Live lobsters in all sizes are in stock at sharp prices. A great time to get lobster on menu's to take advantage of the lowered market prices!
Border Springs Lamb
Virginia | various types

We stock a variety of lamb products from Border Springs farm, including lamb ground, denver rib, loin chop, frenched rack, and more!
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