Issue 11-10| May 16, 2022
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Reality Check: Creativity of Retailers Event Recap
Community Advocates Public Policy Institute held its first in-person youth event of the year, Reality Check: Creativity of Retailers, on Tuesday, May 10. Reality Check highlighted potentially hidden items that may indicate a youth is engaging in form of risky behavior involving substance use, while also guiding parents of youth through Small Talks tips to navigate the conversation around drugs and drug use with their youth. We had the honor of teaming up with Milwaukee Fire Captain Gregory Miller, Fire Captain Robert M. Bland, and Milwaukee Police Sergeant Amy C. Rivera, who worked with us to put this community event together and also spoke to the families about what to do in addressing situations that involve drugs with your child. We had around 20 youth in attendance asking questions and participating in the reality check scavenger hunt! Special thanks to Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, 53206 Drug-Free Communities Project, City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance, SPF-Partnerships for Success, The Parenting Network, MPD Office of Community Outreach and Education, and the Milwaukee Fire Cadets for being part of this community event. Couldn't attend? Watch the panel discussion at your convenience.
Better Ways to Cope Funding Opportunity
Deadline: Monday, June 6
The Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Services "Better Ways to Cope" campaign is providing a funding opportunity for nonprofits that lead primary prevention initiatives and connects Milwaukee County residents to treatment services. Funding applications are due Monday, June 6, by 5 p.m. To view the funding application, click here.
New Workshop!
10 Tips to Reduce Conflict:
Practical Verbal De-Escalation Techniques
Thursday, May 26
Community Advocates is offering a virtual De-Escalation Techniques training to teach participants how to defuse a situation and increase safety using verbal de-escalation techniques. This workshop is aimed toward individuals who encounter conflict in the workplace, at home, or in the community, whether you are a parent or educator, work in the helping professions, or otherwise work with the public in potentially tense situations. This online workshop is free and open to anyone who lives or works in Milwaukee County. It will be held via Zoom on Thursday, May 26, from 1 to 3 p.m. To register, click here.
The FDA's Announcement to Prohibit Menthol Cigarettes and Flavored Cigars
Cigarettes Upclose
Recently, the Food and Drug Administration proposed new rules to prohibit menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars, substances which have been affecting communities all across the country for decades. This new policy is described as "lifesaving" as it is bound to prevent future generations from addiction and save many more lives. Community Advocates Public Policy Institute and the City of Milwaukee Tobacco-Free Alliance are among many Wisconsin organizations who support the FDA's decision to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars. In Wisconsin, tobacco use has been the number one cause of death and Big Tobacco companies will continue to utilize flavors to target youth and vulnerable communities all across the country unless something is done. This new policy would benefit public health all across the country and save the future of our youth. To read more, click here.
Community Health Needs Assessment 2021
Milwaukee County residents and community leaders put mental health at the top of the list of health issues, according to the 2021 Milwaukee Health Care Partnership’s Community Health Needs Assessment. They also chose violence, drug use/overdose, alcohol, and access to health care as pressing health needs. The needs assessment, conducted every three years, sheds light on health risk factors, behaviors, root causes, and contributing community factors. New this year is an emphasis on addressing racism and discrimination as key determinants of health. You can read the entire report and access more data at
Webinars & Events
Safe Families for Children 2022 Community Forum
Thursday, May 19
Safe Families for Children will be hosting their 2022 Community Forum with keynote speaker, Curtis Thompson, M.D., who will discuss exploring the interpersonal neurobiology of building healthy communities through eradicating shame. This event will be held virtually though Zoom on Thursday, May 19, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. To register for this forum, click here.
Sound the Alarm
Saturday, May 21
Join the American Red Cross during their Sound the Alarm community volunteer opportunity to prevent home fires, including installing free smoke alarms and sharing safety information in at-risk communities. This event will be held Saturday, May 21, from 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the Milwaukee Fire Department Station 12, 2130 W. Oklahoma Ave., Milwaukee. To register, click here.
Virtual Youth Mental Health First Aid
Friday, May 27
Community Advocates is offering Youth Mental Health First Aid workshops to teach parents, family members, caregivers, teachers, school staff, peers, neighbors, health and human services workers, and other caring citizens how to help an adolescent (age 12-18) who is experiencing a mental health or addictions challenge or is in crisis. Community Advocates will offer this session via Zoom at no cost on Friday, May 27, from 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. It's open to Milwaukee County residents and those who work with them. To register for this training, click here.
BIPOC Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training
Application Deadline: Friday, May 20
The Center for Urban Population Health will be hosting a virtual BIPOC Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training. This is a three-month training series which includes training sessions, learning communities, a mentor match, and a project. This training will help attendees learn basic knowledge and skills needed by BIPOC in order to reduce behavioral health disparities and improve wellness. The application deadline for this training is Friday, May 20, and the first training session will begin on Tuesday, June 7. Click here for more information and access to the application.
Mental Health Advocacy Assistance: Information and Input
Wednesday, June 1
The Disability Rights Wisconsin PAIMI Advisory Council is hosting a virtual event called "Mental Health Advocacy Assistance: Information and Input." This event will help others discuss ways to engage and support people using self-advocacy, create a space to share ideas on supporting individual with mental health needs and more. This event will be held virtually on Wednesday, June 1, from 5:30 - 7 p.m. Pre-registration is required; click here to register.
Alonzo Kelly: Three Sessions
Tuesday, June 7 & Tuesday, June 14
Wisconsin Balance of State Continuum of Care is offering two sessions with strategic partnership leader and author Alonzo Kelly in June:
The Intersection of Lived and Learned Experiences On Civility In The Workplace (Tuesday, June 7 10:30-12:30): The impact of up to five generations working side by side in the workplace presents a plethora of experiences that can evolve and challenge authentic relationships. Each generation has a unique experience and understanding of the concept of respect, hard work ethic, and civility. How each of these are defined will influence how individuals recognize and respond to the world around them. As we become more intentional about shared definitions we are more inclined to actively participate in contributing to a desired Organizational Culture. Register here.

Crucial Conversations, Critical Thinking, and the Art of Asking Better Questions (Tuesday, June 14 10:30-12:30): This session will focus on a very tactical approach to seeking clarity and addressing challenges and concerns efficiently and effectively. Participants will be provided a ‘guided tour’ of the elements of thought to understand how we think and what questions we should be teaching people to ask themselves BEFORE they publicly proclaim something a problem. Participants will also be introduced to very specific questions to ask which results in clarity for both parties to manage expectations of how and when to respond. Register at this link.
Family Resources
Community Advocates Mental Health & Wellness Resource Guide
Community Advocates Public Policy Institute is providing a Mental Health and Wellness resource guide for community members in the Milwaukee County such as adults, families, teens & kids. The resource guide provides a list resources for behavioral health, treatment, support groups and more. To access this resource guide, click here.
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