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Issue No. 87
September 2014
Latest News
-Spotlight on Russia: ADR & DAB's
-FIDIC Contracts FTIP at The Regal Airport Hotel in Hong Kong
-Project of the Month: Shanghai Tower
-Reminder: ADR Joint Workship & Skiing in Salzburg, Austria!
-Hello New Members
-Does You Have News?

Next Month:
 ADR in Latin America with
Roberto Hern�ndez Garc�a

Special Promotion:
Receive 10% off a one year DBF membership by signing up for FIDIC Contracts Total Immersion Programme (FTIP).  Contact  Member Services for details.
Offer Expires: 25/09/2014

Training Opportunities:
FIDIC Contracts
Total Immersion Programme
The Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong
The Regal Airport Hotel in Hong Kong
FIDIC Contracts Total Immersion Programme
24-28 November 2014,
Hong Kong

There is still time left to reserve your slot in this autumn's FTIP Programme. Five experts in their fields will be your trainers for this intensive course.
Contact Lori Fusello or visit the website for more information, or download a brochure and booking form here.

Testimonials from past participants of the FTIP programme: 

"The FTIP course was very challenging and intensive making it very thorough and in-depth. The course has been very effective in reviewing important principles and providing a deep understanding and knowledge of the FIDIC Suite of Contracts and the Dispute Adjudication process.


The course did indeed have many positive outcomes to attribute towards development of my career and enabled me to gain insight and in-depth understanding in the capacity of a Lawyer.


Overall the course was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend it to those who wish to gain a deep insight and understanding in FIDIC Contracts."


Soley Erogluer
Senior Legal Counsel at Siemens Istanbul, Turkey 

 "The FTIP course is an excellent way to obtain a good understanding of the FIDIC suite of contracts, including the mechanisms and possible pitfalls, for the Employer, Contractor and other practitioners."


Robert A Sliwinski,

SWL Chambers
London, UK 



"Teachers and participants interact continuously for several days, and this primary aspect requires both a maximum concentration and a good knowledge of the subject matter.

For me, it was the most difficult course I attended in my life. But, at the end, I learned a lot and I made friends. I can certainly say that it was an experience that enriched me professionally and personally."


Avv. Francesco Albertelli

Attorney at Law - Arbitrator - Mediator

Rome, Italy



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See what others are saying about the DBF's Training Programmes

"The  Intensive Training Programme  greatly expanded my knowledge. It was very well organized and  prepared, with a high level of professional presentation thanks to Dr. Chern, Leo Grutters and Ben Beaumont. I strongly recommend this  course."


Zdenek Jurik 
ABC Engineering P.E.
Prague,  Czech Republic  

"I attended the DAB Intensive Training in Dublin-Ireland, April 7-9, 2014. My compliments to the great team of trainers, and to everybody who participated in the organization of the training!  

As an employee of a construction company, I gained valuable knowledge that every Contractor needs to know when it comes to disputes and DAB decisions in large construction projects.  

The trainers shared with us not only their huge knowledge and experience regarding DAB matters, but we were also able to learn more about very important related issues of claims and contract management. I am grateful for having a privilege to participate."


Sead Dizdarevic
Sarajevo, Bosnia i Hercegovina 


Upcoming Events
  • 24-28 November 2014, Hong Kong: FIDIC Contracts Total Immersion Programme
  • 14-17 January 2015, Zell am See, Salzburg, Austria: ExZell in Dispute Resolution: "Standards and Needs", Customised Dispute Resolution Schemes - A joint conference/workshop of the DBF and The Forum for International Conciliation and Arbitration (FICA)

 Strategic Tools For Dispute Prevention and Resolution in a Globalized World
Tsisana Shamlikashvili (Click for CV)
By Tsisana Shamlikashvili

This month's feature article by Tsisana Shamlikashvili, the DBF's newest country representative for Russia, is her take on the mutual inter-dependency between national economies, and the growing complexity of business and commercial and social relations in general, that inevitably lead to an increasing number of complex disputes.


"The effective realization of business projects requires new approaches aimed at reducing potential risks" says Professor Shamlikashvili.


She goes on to say "Since its emergence as a concept, establishing  Dispute Boards (DB's) is a strategic approach capable of guaranteeing sustainability, consistency, and at the same time flexibility during the whole project development cycle to its complete realization."
Continue reading... 


FIDIC Contracts Total Immersion 
Programme (FTIP) To Be Held At Regal Airport Hotel in Hong Kong

The Regal Airport Hotel in Hong Kong has been selected as the venue for November's FTIP Programme: FIDIC Contracts Total Immersion Programme in Hong Kong.  For added convenience, the hotel is directly connected to the passenger terminal of the Hong Kong International Airport.

Airport Izakaya Restaurant
With a wide array of amenities to offer during your 5 day stay for the FTIP Programme, The Regal Airport Hotel is a mix of luxury, convenience and good value.

The hotel presents an array of distinctive dining experiences with an extensive range of high quality restaurants serving Cantonese, Shanghainese, Japanese, Western and international cuisines.

Amenities include a spacious indoor heated pool with whirlpool, a spa with an extensive massage menu, outdoor swimming pool, men's and women's sauna and steam rooms, and luxurious water baths to invigorate and nourish the mind and body after a hectic day.

The dates for this programme have been confirmed as 24-28 November, 2014.

There is still time left to apply to be considered for inclusion in this programme.  The cut off date is 25 September 2014.  Please contact Membership Coordinator Lori Fusello to add your name for consideration.

For more information visit the website or download a programme brochure and application form as participants will need to be approved prior to admittance to this course.  
 Mega Project of the Month:  Shanghai Tower
Shanghai Tower by Susan M Hanson
Shanghai Tower
photo by Susan M. Hanson

The DBF would like to keep readers up to date on the world's current construction and engineering projects.  

This month's project is the Shanghai Tower in Pudong's Lujiazui Financial Center, Shanghai, China.

Designed by Art Gensler, this new 2074 foot structure is now China's tallest building, and the number 2 tallest building in the world.  At 125 stories, it was started in 2008 and is scheduled to be completed this year.

Boasting the world's highest observation deck and the fastest elevator traveling at 40 mph, it won't be the tallest in China for long. Plans are already being made for the next skyscraper project in China to top out at 2749 feet, making it the next tallest building in the world. 


 Reminder:  Special Joint Conference/Workshop With FICA in Zell am See, Austria in January 2015
Ski into Exzell in Dispute Resolution!
Ski into Exzell in Dispute Resolution!
The DBF is partnering with The Forum for International Conciliation and Arbitration (FICA) to provide a dispute resolution workshop in Zell am See, Austria entitled:

ExZell in Dispute Resolution:  "Standards and Needs" -Limits to and Opportunities of Customised Dispute Resolution Schemes

This exciting dispute resolution workshop to be and to ski at will be held 14-17 January 2015 at Boutiquehotel Steinerwirt, Zell am See, in the spectacular Austrian Alps.


The workshop offers the opportunity to compare experience with "tailor made" procedural rules, with ad hoc/one off rules. Rules are drafted by multinational teams not only to guide the parties on various procedural issues but to balance different backgrounds of procedural and thus legal cultures. Have they got it right? Is there a growing demand for one-off rules?

The more simple and standardised a dispute resolution scheme is, the fewer questions can arise. The ever growing number of different sets of rules, however, suggests that demand for general principles of how to construe seemingly long established standards on specific procedural situations remains. Given the increasing amount of online debate forums for ADR practitioners and the obviously intense use that is made of it, the need for further and personal exchange of experience is increasing.

To learn more about this special event and to download a booking form go to the conference website or our Programmes Page on the DBF's website.  You can also contact Lori Fusello in Member Services. 

Welcome To Our Newest Fellow Members:

Przemysław P. Krzywosz

Przemysław P. Krzywosz

"Fellow" Member
PP.K Law Office 
Country:  Poland

Expertise: 20+ years
Background:  In 1987 Przemysław Krzywosz graduated from University of Warsaw receiving an MA degree in Law and Administration. In 1989 he was granted an MA degree in economics at the Foreign Trade Department of the Main School of Planning and Statistics (currently Warsaw School of Economics). In 2003 Przemyslaw completed the Wharton Advanced Management Program at the Wharton Business School in the U.S. and received his Post Graduate Diploma in EC Competition Law, Kings College, School of Law, University of London.


Mr. Krzywosz is a qualified lawyer in two jurisdictions: as Radca prawny (Solicitor) in Warsaw, Poland since 1993, and as a Solicitor of England & Wales since 2009.


Before the establishment of his own firm, Przemyslaw focused on corporate finance and in particular M&A transactions, strategic analysis and risk management.


Przemyslaw  has presided over a significant number of cases as an arbiter, both in Poland and internationally. He has taken part in numerous international conferences (also as a speaker), and in a series of training programs covering management techniques, negotiations, arbitration, corporate finance, project finance and business valuations. Przemyslaw was also a trainer and performed duties of a Supervisory Board Member.

He is listed among persons to be considered as potential arbitrators for: International Arbitration Court at ICC (internal Polish Committee list), the Polish Chamber of Commerce (KIG) Arbitration Court,

London Court of International Arbitration, International Centre
for Dispute Resolution, German Institution of Arbitration (Deutsche Institution fur Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit), ASA - Swiss Arbitration Association, and "Lewiatan" Court of Arbitration in Warsaw, and has run several cases as an arbiter. 


Mr. Krzywosz is also a member of the following organizations: International Bar Association and SIDiR - Association of Consulting Engineers and Experts in Warsaw.


His present legal advisory practice is focused on legal and strategic services within the framework of M&A and corporate finance transactions. As an arbitrator he also developed expertise in construction/FIDIC disputes.


Languages: Polish (native), English, Russian.



Hernany Veytia Hernany Veytia "Fellow" Member 

International Counsel and Arbitrator
BNM Cambridge Director Study Center for Sustainable Corporate Finance, London
Country: United Kingdom

Hernany Veytia develops creative ways for sustainable project finance worldwide (including, but not limited to reduction of risks through dispute boards and other dispute resolution mechanisms in situ). She travels very frequently to wherever is needed and lives at the place of the investment (or arbitration) for as much time as needed.



Ms. Veytia's practice covers all types of international investment, including climate change, foreign trade, dumping, concession contracts, energy, mining, natural resources, construction, automotive, international sales, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, licensing, intellectual property, franchising, maritime, railroad, insurance, environmental, finance and banking.


She also handles public international law disputes including ICSID, NAFTA and bilateral investment treaty arbitrations and has represented private companies, state-owned, and inter-governmental organizations; sovereign governments and private individuals. Her international clients are from more than forty two countries on five continents and have included international commercial and investment projects involving foreign investment, privatization, coal, hydro power plants, oil and gas trade related matters, mining, tourism projects, project finance and development agreements, franchising, and information technology.


Ms. Veytia has also advised parties before inter-governmental tribunals, including the International Court of Justice. She is a former partner at Deloitte Consulting firm, Chief Counsel for Business Transactions at Daimler Chrysler, and attorney at the former Atlantic Bank (now HSBC).



Have Some News For Our Members?

Would you like to highlight any news or events going on in your organization?  We would love to share what's happening with our members.  Please contact our new publications manager Lori Fusello at l.fusello@dbfederation.org with your news!


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