The convenience of apps and online learning make homeschooling an easier and appealing option. The companies below offer you quality products to take education into your own hands and guide your children in advanced learning through program engagement and interaction.  Get in on technology with these choices where screen time is a good thing!
My School Year
A Homeschool Organization App
Organize your entire homeschool life in one place – 100% PHONE FRIENDLY!
  • Create professional-looking report cards & transcripts
  • Stay on track with daily or weekly reminders for you & your students
  • Generate, track & record your lessons plans
  • Visually track your student’s progress
  • Reschedule lessons when life happens
More than grades and lessons, track all aspects of your portfolio:
  • Reading log and lists
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Volunteer service
  • Standardized tests (including PSAT and SAT)
  • Attendance
  • Events
  • Awards
"I love this program because of how simple it is to use and set up. I love reports, they just make my life easier. offers some wicked cool reports." - Julie C.
Track anything, anywhere!
My School Year is 100% mobile friendly. Since we are online and portable, take advantage of the time spent waiting in a dentist’s office, at sports practices, or sitting in a parked car. You can assign grades, mark lessons complete, create a report card, the list is endless.
"I just wanted to say thanks for your product. I just made it through my first homeschool portfolio review in [my state], and your program made me appear super organized and professional. I was able to meet the documentation requirements with ease. Thanks again for a great product that was well worth the money I spent." - Naima C.
Start a new or extend a current annual membership.
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Does your student want to create games and apps? Start here!

GameSalad is the easiest game design tool to build 2D games with no code. Build your first game in an hour.

Give your student the tools to see their ideas come to life. First, build fun games with step-at-a-time instructions. Then, use the knowledge to create original games with our visual interface. Format games for publishing to the iOS/Android app stores!

GameSalad turns players into makers.

Our educational projects also teach computer science, computational thinking, and game design concepts.

Encourage Entrepreneurship : A professional-grade tool used the world over, students can share their original games on the web, or submit them to the app stores.

Preparation for Advanced Studies : Our instructors say students who use GameSalad are prepared for more advanced coding and computer science subjects.

Build Confidence: GameSalad’s visual programming platform empowers students to achieve results quickly! The GameSalad Viewer App lets students instantly test games on a smartphone or tablet.

Study Anywhere : A browser-based platform allows access from laptops, desktops, and Chromebooks.

Complete Curriculum : CSTA Level 2-aligned lesson plans expand on concepts learned in tutorials. Digital Citizenship lessons teach safety practices and critical thinking skills for navigating the Internet.

GameSalad’s mission is to empower ANYONE to engage with critical STEM and Computer Science skills to prepare them to become the problem solvers of tomorrow! 

Take advantage of our deeply discounted homeschool package.

Find out more here: or call toll free 1-844-837-8387.
Thinkwell Homeschool
Does your student love their math textbook?
Are they learning, and retaining key concepts?
Are they able to work independently and thrive?
It is not too late to make the switch to THINKWELL !

Kids love Thinkwell video math courses!

“We love the video instruction. The teacher is funny and interesting and the videos are a good length. He does a great job of using visual examples and showing how to do everything step by step.“

Halfway through a course? No problem! Pick up right where you left off with Thinkwell.

Your student can start anywhere in the curriculum and begin their coursework anytime. Concerned about holes in your student’s knowledge? All Thinkwell assessments include step by step solutions and link to a video that teaches the concept.

We offer Honors and Standard math courses
from Grade 6 – Calculus.

Not sure which course is right for your student? We offer FREE PLACEMENT TESTS, and 14-day free trials.

Want to see why our math courses receive fan mail?

Give us a try and receive 15% off your first course.
Enter thinkwell2020 valid until February 14st.  

Learn more about Thinkwell here !
Ever considered online learning ?

Time4Learning’s award-winning, online curriculum includes all the tools and resources families need to ensure successful homeschooling.

Students have access to over 4,000 engaging lessons and activities as well as printable worksheets in math, language arts, science, and social studies. Automated grading and record-keeping, lessons plans, and tons of other tools and resources help parents homeschool with confidence. Time4Learning makes homeschooling fun, flexible and affordable.

With a 14-day money-back guarantee, you can take your time and see if it’s a good fit for your family’s educational needs!  
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