Spotlighting Scott and Sullivan
Counties in Tennessee
In April 2021, two Start by Believing campaigns launched in Eastern Tennessee, in Scott and Sullivan counties. We are delighted to showcase their success! 

Scott County

Professionals in Scott County, Tennessee recognize that sexual assault survivors often face challenges when accessing services in the community. 

To help overcome these challenges, the Scott County Family Justice Center and the Sexual Assault Care Program at Scott Appalachian Industries (SAI) partnered during Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2021, to introduce Start by Believing to the community.
Local newspapers promoted the Start by Believing message to get the word out. People from all walks of life learned about the campaign – including first responders like police officers and health care workers, and also teachers, coaches, social service providers, and a wide variety of small business owners and community members. Scott County professionals also compiled a collection of heartfelt and inspiring video pledges:
Sullivan County

Not to be outdone, professionals in Sullivan County also came together to promote a message of support for sexual assault survivors and their loved ones. Members of the Branch House Family Justice Center in Blountville, Tennessee collaborated with East Tennessee State University’s Health Education Learning Program for Sexual Assault in Rural Appalachia (HELP SARA) to launch a Start by Believing campaign in April 2021. 
To get started, partners brainstormed creative ways to increase awareness, with limited financial resources. By reaching out to local businesses, specifically those with outdoor signs, they realized they could spread the word in the community, for free! 
Pal’s, a fast-food business with 30 locations throughout the area, and Food City both agreed to prominently display Start by Believing messages at all their locations. Paramount Theatre also promoted Start by Believing on their high-visibility marquee.

HELP SARA had a small marketing budget, so they used it to purchase promotional items, such as colorful placards, magnets, face masks, yard signs, and umbrellas. 
Small But Mighty

Congratulations to Scott County Family Justice Center, the Sexual Assault Care Program at SAI, Branch House Family Justice Center, and the HELP SARA program at East Tennessee State University. With your creativity and resourcefulness, you prove that agencies and communities can be “small but mighty” when supporting survivors!

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