Step outside the box of traditional education to take in these products that offer excellent opportunities for individuals and fun learning activities for your family to enjoy together. These companies offer you great gift ideas as well so take a read below to find out more about options for family games, farming and craftsmanship, building essential skills, DIY school photos, and an online program for fashion design. 
DM Media/The Entrepreneur Game
The Entrepreneur Game is the world’s 1st and only, STEM Accredited entrepreneur board game. Players learn and practice and implement the 21st Century skills they need in order to achieve their dreams and goals in life. 

The Benefits of The Entrepreneur Game

* PLAYERS UTILIZE LIFE SKILLS NEEDED FOR SUCCESS – Math, Critical Thinking, Decision-Making, Budgeting, Investing, Branding, Negotiating, Marketing, Partnership, and a host of other 21st Century skills and concepts needed to survive and acquire money in this New World.

*TRANSFORMS CLASSROOMS AND HOMES INTO INCREDIBLE PLACES OF LEARNING - Your kids choose their own businesses - Each player sets their unique vision for expansion.

* PARENTS AND KIDS LEARN TOGETHER - Ages 12 and up - created so a 12-year old can understand and excel - Top notch education on real entrepreneurship; get ready to choose your dream business adventure. 

* PERFECT FOR GAME NIGHT FOR TEENS AND ADULTS - You are never too old to follow your dreams - Essential for people who wanted to achieve the great things they set for themselves.

*GUARANTEED TO WORK - If you or your children have entrepreneurial aspirations, this game taps into that and helps your vision come alive!

For more information or to purchase your copy of the Game, visit us at

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Small Farmer's Journal
Small Farmer's Journal is dedicated to family farms and human-scale agricultural pursuits, and to the high ideals reflected in true craftsmanship. 

A quarterly periodical, Small Farmer's Journal has been in print for more than 40 years. Supported 100% by its readership, the magazine's large, beautiful format is packed with inspirational stories of farming families, educational articles on heritage livestock and heirloom seeds, how-to guides on equipment and facilities, and so much more, all given historical context in the modern era. 

The Small Farmer's Journal website features an article from a past issue every weekday, and from the current issue when it comes out. Ask A Teamster, Cultivating Questions, LittleField Notes and Fjordworks are some of the categories you can explore. Just For Kids and the Home & Shop Companion Archive have free access!

The Small Farmer's Journal Home & Shop Companion is a free e-newsletter featuring handy hints, recipes, ag trivia & oddities and a special series of letters from our correspondent in Great Britain. Visit the H&SC archive and sign up for upcoming e-mailings on our website.

This season our Holiday Offer features a "3 for 2 Sale” - buy two print subscriptions for friends and get a third subscription for yourself for free! Or, buy 2 books from Lynn R. Miller's Workhorse Library and get a free print subscription!

800-876-2893 • 541-549-2064
Adventerra Games
Kids learn best through play - and Adventerra's exciting eco games are a fantastic way to build science, reading, math, & social skills. Each player’s mission is to save resources and fight pollution, and the more they work together, the more exciting it gets! authenticated & winner of 34 toy industry awards.

Because some kids are collaborative and others love to win, our board games are cooperative AND competitive to keep everyone engaged. Made of sustainable materials, all parts are compostable or recyclable. 

WaterGame: Float down the river, draw cards that save and waste water, and answer quiz cards based on fourth grade science standards. The person who saves the most gallons wins the game. But if the community tank is empty when someone needs it, everyone loses – so teamwork is essential! Ages 7+

Recycle Rally: Drive your truck around town collecting objects to recycle. It’s a fast-paced race to pick everything up before time runs out! Ages 7+ with advanced rules for ages 10+

PowerHaus: Compete to make your house more energy-efficient, changing habits and investing in appliances and home improvements. Win by making the best choices for your wallet and the world. Ages 7+, and especially fun for 10+

Global Warning: Players work together to clean up pollution and slow climate change, but the temperature rises with each turn. Can your group slow it down before "Game Over" happens for you AND Planet Earth? Ages 10+, and popular with teens too!

Announcing new preschool line!
DIY Picture Day
DIY Picture Day offers parents the opportunity to submit their own photos to be finished on traditional school portrait backgrounds! 

Take a look or like us on Facebook @DIYPicturedays

Professional photo finishing makes all the difference!
University of Fashion
Fashion Design: The Perfect Elective

Kids love shopping for clothes. They love talking about fashion designers. That’s what makes fashion design such a great homeschooling elective. Kids want to learn it. It just sounds fun! But, really, fashion design is a lot more than just fun.

Today’s designers create on computers. They’re sticklers for accurate measurements. They routinely use geometry to make patterns and to draw digital illustrations. They must learn the science and capabilities of today’s high-tech fabrics.

The University of Fashion teaches fashion design, online.

We cater to both super creative and not-so-creative students. After all, some kids are naturally gifted and can easily conceive of dramatic, new design ideas. Others are more technical and disciplined. They just want to know how to make an exact copy of something in a magazine.

We work by subscription. Our subscribers get unlimited, on-demand, access to over 500 video lessons taught by fashion industry professionals.

We have been around for more than eleven years. Most of our students are individuals living all around the world. Hundreds of colleges, high schools, and, yes, even grammar schools subscribe to our service and teach from our lessons online or in hybrid learning classrooms.

Come visit us at to learn more. Watch our video lesson previews. You’ll appreciate our simple, step-by-step, teaching approach. You’ll see that we offer a prominent way for students to ask us questions, too. We answer student questions every day, even on weekends.

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