This month's Spotlight companies go above and beyond the essential academics to focus on brain development through art, music, and higher education. Check out the offers and deals that may be the next best thing for your homeschooler!
Outside the Box Creation
We live in a world where art has become less of a priority and kids’ eyes are always glued to screens, and we wanted to change that.

Outside The Box Creation allows you the unique opportunity to connect and create with your child one-on-one, while also teaching her/him (in the most fun & imaginative way) what’s so wonderful about art. Kid tested & created by a mom of three.

Did you know?

  • Art students have higher GPAs.
  • Art improves math & reading efficiency.
  • Art enhances problem-solving & critical-thinking skills.
  • Art improves mental health & confidence. 
  • Creativity is the most in-demand skill in the workplace. 
Our boxes include everything you need, except water, so you don’t have to waste time looking for supplies. Our easy-to follow instructions will walk you through the project while also encouraging creativity. Inside each box is a book to spark imagination, easy-to-follow graphic instructions, and the highest-quality art supplies. Many homeschool families get 3 or 4 shorter weekly lessons out of one monthly box. Regular boxes include enough materials for 2 people. Family boxes include enough for 4 people. Our boxes are designed for ages 5-11.
We offer month-to-month and pre-paid subscriptions. We gladly accept purchase orders and are an approved vendor for many of the virtual public charter schools as well as several school district homeschool connections.

Questions? Email us at
or call us 425-616-3750.

Busy Kids Do Piano
Busy Kids Do Piano has made online musical learning simple, accessible and affordable.

Our comprehensive programs include step-by-step lesson videos, downloadable materials and access to our supportive online community.
We offer a variety of online courses – whether you’re looking to add music history to your homeschool curriculum or searching for a play-based pre-piano course for your littlest learners.

Check out all our course offerings at and use coupon code 20SCHOOLHOUSE to save 20% on any online course.

The Busy Kids Do Piano membership includes access to hundreds of piano lesson videos, interactive theory games, pop lesson tutorials, monthly practice challenges, downloadable music and worksheets and so much more. For a limited time, join the program for 20% off through this link:

Here’s what Dewi Idris, whose daughter Abigail has been a student of Busy Kids Do Piano for over two years, says about the program:

“We love this program so much. It is affordable, flexible and effective and also fits our family’s busy lives very well. Ms. Carly is an amazing teacher – her kindness comes through in every lesson. I’m so pleased with the lessons and also that my daughter actually practices. We love the monthly practice challenges that help motivate her to practice. I highly recommend Busy Kids Do Piano.”

Go to to see a full list of products and musical resources. Use coupon code 20SCHOOLHOUSE to save on any online courses.

Visit to access 20% off our Busy Kids Do Piano membership program.
Brewton-Parker College
Since 1904, Brewton-Parker has been committed to helping students find God’s purpose for their lives. Whether you desire to be a teacher, business leader, or healthcare specialist, you will receive a quality education from a biblical perspective. BPC will provide you with the tools you need to fulfill your purpose in your job, your church, and your community.

We all have big dreams. Some dreams we have had for a long time and some are waiting to be cultivated. Our faculty is dedicated to helping you cultivate and discover the dreams that God has for you. With over 20 different programs of study, each centered on a common set of core classes, you will be able to explore a wide variety of options and find your purpose.

Want to learn more? Contact our admissions staff at or 912-583-3265 or visit our website at .
Zeezok Publishing
Zeezok Publishing proudly announces the latest in the Music Appreciation series: Music Appreciation Book 2 for the Middle Grades!

Designed to introduce your children to the lives of seven great composers and their music, using Opal Wheeler’s classic Great Musicians biographies and the accompanying activity book, students will hear numerous songs from each composer, learn about their lives, and discover the history of each composer’s homeland.

The activity book supplements the information provided in the nine biographies, and incorporates activities from science, language arts, character traits, social studies, geography, art, and more. In addition, students can choose to create either a journaling notebook or a lapbook to work in a hands-on manner with the content covered in the series.

The two special features of Music Appreciation Book 2 for the Middle Grades are the QR codes and Zeezok’s app website, both of which provide access to all the songs from the biographies, additional website links, and interactive quizzes to enhance your learning experience.

The curriculum meets all of the national standards required for music appreciation for grades 5-8, but it is user-friendly for a variety of age groups.

Develop your child’s appreciation of great music by introducing him to the lives of Chopin, Schumann, Wagner, Foster, Brahms, MacDowell, and Tchaikovsky. Colorful, easy-to-use, literature-based, and technology-friendly, we believe Music Appreciation Book 2 is perfect for any family!

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