Teaching foreign languages can be one of the more difficult subjects for a parent to teach, especially if you are not fluent in the language. Thankfully, there are many companies that make learning another language fun and engaging, and you’ll find the ones below are excellent choices for the whole family to learn languages together. Whether your goal is to be fluent or to gain the many cognitive benefits of language learning, you’ll find a good option with one of the companies below.
Calico Spanish
Spanish skills, especially from an early age, will boost your child’s opportunities to find better jobs, to travel, and even to love and serve others in the love of Christ. What works to develop those Spanish skills? The same language in context that developed their native English skills: songs, stories, games, and fun!

Calico Spanish Stories is a research-based program designed for young children. We’ve filled 200+ hours of planned lesson content with the language in context that makes this online curriculum uniquely effective. Whether you’re fully bilingual or don’t speak a word of Spanish, our open-and-go online lesson plans offer 100% support for your family.

Explore our homeschool options and try it FREE. We’re homeschool moms, and we love serving homeschool families - you'll save 68% off our school price and get access to 100% of the program:

  • 365+ lesson plans.
  • 27 song videos.
  • 549 flashcards.
  • 15 Storybook videos.
  • 24 posters.
  • 20+ games.
  • 99 Activity Sheets.
  • 16 Culture Capsules.
  • And so much more.

Are you considering adding Spanish to your homeschool co-op? ¡Súper! Send us an email at support@calicospanish.com or call 888-375-8484 to request our special co-op pricing.

With Calico Spanish Stories, anyone can teach a child to speak Spanish. And children who speak Spanish can change the world.

Explore calicospanish.com/TOS and start your journey now.
Greek 'n' Stuff
The easy way to learn Greek! 
Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! teaches biblical Greek to preschoolers and older students (even adults enjoy it) using deductive, inductive, and interactive methodology in a workbook format. These easy-to-use workbooks require no prior knowledge of Greek. 
Take the drudgery out of learning Latin! 
Latin's Not So Tough! introduces Latin to young students before they decide classical languages are too difficult to learn. Enjoyable activities implant in young minds a love of learning.  
Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! and Latin's Not So Tough! begin gently and advance gradually; providing reinforcement through a variety of workbook activities and translation exercises. The overwhelming response from our customers ... "This is my child's favorite subject."  
Are you hungry for God's Word?  
The Alone With God Bible Studies progress through Jonah and Ruth, Esther, I Samuel, and Acts with simple questions taken directly from Scripture. Sidebars in each one-week lesson highlight insights into geography, history, culture, and people of biblical times. Memory verses. "Think and Pray About It" life applications.  
Greek 'n' Stuff, founded in 1996, provides quality materials for homeschool, Christian school, and Sunday School environments.  
Greek 'n' Stuff 
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Spanish Education Solutions
Parent, YOU can educate a bilingual family even when you do not speak the language. The planning, video speaking lessons, geography-cultural lessons, and learning tools are done for you so you can focus on learning and speaking with your family. Your family can learn to speak Spanish without leaving home and with teacher support. 

Created by a Certified-native speaker Spanish teacher with a M.A.Ed. in Curriculum and online learning.  

Learn more http://bit.ly/2NLWRCN 

Breaking the Barrier
Breaking the Barrier products feature academic curriculum instruction in Spanish and French, presented by world language educators. We are thrilled to announce the launch of Breaking the Spanish Barrier Online, a new digital product, the perfect online complement to our Spanish homeschool package.

Building on the content of our print books, our digital books bring the language and culture to life through meaningful activities, the use of spectacular color graphics, interactive exercises, authentic audio (exposing learners to a wide array of native speaker voices), clear explanations, and captivating maps and readings. Groundbreaking interactive audio flashcards give students deep practice in one of the key building blocks of language learning – vocabulary development – tying words in Spanish to images and pronunciation practice.

Exposure to the rich cultures of the Spanish-speaking world is one of the joys of learning a new language. Our cultural articles feature people with stories to tell, whether it’s a grandmother preparing lulo juice for her grandchildren in Colombia or a champion dancer performing la marinera in Trujillo, Peru, the written stories come alive with video.

Breaking the Barrier blends the rigor of serious academic content with simplicity, clarity, and a student-friendly voice. By the end of three levels, students have practiced every important grammar topic in the target language. They will have the confidence to read, write, and speak fluently.

The programs are flexible enough to fit into any homeschool setting, including temporary homeschooling, to keep your student on track with language learning. 

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