Walk into the weight room at LFHS (aka the Fitness Center) and you will notice that there is something for everyone. In the Fitness Center, students are exposed to weight lifting, power lifting and cardio training, using a variety of treadmills, exercise bikes, dumbbells, barbells and machines. The foundation has purchased the majority of the equipment in the Fitness Center over the years, which often also included a contribution from LFHS Boosters. This past year, a grant was specifically used to update the strength training equipment, including purchasing new equipment for female lifters.

During the school day, the equipment is used for the popular Strength and Conditioning class (which has a growing female enrollment) as well as many other wellness classes. After school, the Fitness Center is also used by sports teams and students (and staff) when it is open, from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm, during ordinary years. Mizwicki said that “the Fitness Center is actually used more than any other individual room at school, with the exception of the cafeteria” and that every student will use the equipment in the Fitness Center at some point in their four years at school.