Learning about the history and geography of the world is vital for the future generations, but learning in an engaging way is what children need most. The programs described below offer your family different ways to be intrigued and informed about the past, the land, and the cultures of the world. Pick the ones that work best with the learning styles in your home. 
The defining characteristic of the Abeka history and geography program is simple. We want to help Christian schools mold a generation of informed individuals who not only see God’s hand clearly throughout history but see that they themselves have a role in shaping future history. In other words, history is taught from a Christian perspective using a narrative approach to foster personal responsibility.

The Master and His Apprentices
Study Art History from a Christian Perspective

Have you ever wished you could SEE history? With art history you can! The Master and His Apprentices is a visually engaging full-credit elective course for high schoolers that helps students discover (and remember) fascinating connections between art, history, the Bible, and other core classes like never before.

Plus, there is no nudity or secular bias, simply engaging, scholarly material with a Christian worldview that first establishes God as the Master artist before delving into the following periods:

  • Ancient Cultures: Ancient Near East, Egyptian, and Aegean
  • Classical Antiquity: Early Greek, Etruscan, and Roman
  • Middle Ages: Medieval & Islamic, Early Christian & Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic
  • Renaissance: Proto, Early Italian, High Italian, and Northern Renaissance
  • Baroque and Beyond: Baroque and a brief overview of Modern and Non-Western Art

With over 600 images, this defining curriculum presents a unique and compelling visual timeline of world events that even includes a “travel guide” for visiting some of the world’s most famous masterpieces and architectural structures.

No previous art experience is required to enjoy this class or facilitate it! The companion Teacher Guide provides everything needed to assist a student’s progress, whether for self-study or teacher-led co-op classes, including:

  • Weekly Worksheets (self-study) or Discussion Questions (classroom settings)
  • Exams
  • Instructions for Research Papers
  • An Answer Key, Syllabus, and More
This family-friendly art history curriculum is available in both digital and hardbound editions.

For additional information, including reviews and sample pages, please visit www.TheMasterAndHisApprentices.com
Let's Go Geography
Creative Geography for Creative Kids

Teaching Geography in your homeschool is more important than ever because most kids don’t know much about the globe.

But kids need to know today’s world in order to thrive in today’s world.

Let's Go Geography is the answer! Now you can teach K-5th grades current world geography with creative activities.

Kids discover a different country every week, all year long.

Kids love the Video & Pictures.
Moms love the Map & Flag activities.
Notebooking ties everything together.
And Coloring & Crafts top it all off.

It's a recipe for success!

K-5th grade students explore a different country every week. Lessons are about 35 pages long, and packed with activities for maps, flags, songs, writing, looking at pictures, watching video, coloring, and making a project on the theme country.

Let’s Go is an everything-you-need, multi-grade curriculum to download, print, and go.

Easy on the teacher, fun for the kids! And it’s perfect for co-ops, too.

Try it today with a free, complimentary lesson on Alaska, and get ready to explore the world with Let’s Go Geography!

History by Mail
History By Mail is a subscription service to replicas of fascinating historical documents from American history. Our team works with archivists to select documents from the world's best archives and then creates high quality replicas. Each document comes alive with an additional historical context document.
How did Albert Einstein communicate with President Roosevelt about the atomic bomb? How did the Queen of Hawaii protest America's annexation of the Islands? 
Instead of learning about history from a book, we invite you to learn directly from history through replicas of the historic documents themselves. Read for yourself, in the original words and handwriting, what the people who shaped our history had to say about the events and topics of their times. 
  • Curated with care from the best archives in the world
  • Each document accompanied by context pages giving relevant details surrounding the historic event
  • High quality, graphically-designed replicas with historically themed stamps and high quality envelopes and paper
  • Themes (every 4 letters) delve deep into topics such as: Historic inventions, American Wars, Space Exploration, and Foreign Diplomacy
  • Perfect as a keepsake, learning materials, or collectible items
We invite you to try a subscription (it also makes a great gift!), browse our blog, and like us on Facebook. We are excited to share our fascinating collection of documents with you!

Use Discount Code: TOS at checkout for 10% off any subscription plan.
Adventures for Young Explorers
Tips for Bringing History to Life in Your Own Home:

  • Find exciting history books that ask questions and spark dialogue between you and your kids 

  • Connect with an elderly person.  If Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma are still available to talk, be sure your kids spend some time with them, asking questions about their lives and their places in history. You can also explore the minds and histories of your own ancestors through their letters and photos. Or get in touch and visit with people at a nursing home, either virtually or in person, and encourage your kids to ask questions.  

  • Let your kids lead. On occasion, ask your kids what part of history (time or location) they are most interested in learning about and create a unit study for that topic.

  • Get a penpal. Find a way to help your kids form a connection with a student from another country or region.

  • Use Google Earth and Google Expeditions to virtually travel to the places you are studying. At Adventures For Young Explorers, we have travelled to the Great Pyramids, looked around Macchu Picchu, walked under the ocean at the Great Barrier reef and visited countless museums and historical landmarks virtually with these amazing interactive tools! 

  • Take an online class! Live, online classes may enable your kids to get to know other students from across the country and even around the world, leading to new friendships and new perspectives.  

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