Build those young minds with language arts programs and instruction that are the right fit for your learner. Each of these companies offers unique curriculum and guidance in teaching grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing. Read through the descriptions below, and connect your children to quality resources for educational life.

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Institute for Excellence in Writing

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Teaching writing can be easier than you think! Do you have students with learning differences? Do you have gifted learners? For more than twenty-five years, IEW® has offered an effective method that teaches students of all aptitudes and abilities to write and molds them into confident and competent communicators and thinkers.

Do you want to see for yourself? You can for free! Request three weeks of digital language arts lessons that include writing, grammar, and vocabulary.

IEW®’s products are enjoyable, effective, and easy to use—guaranteed. If you have questions or need help figuring out where to begin, our team is available via chat at, by phone at 800.856.5815, or via email at

Request your free language arts lessons at

Easy Grammar

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If you think grammar is boring, you haven’t used the award-winning Easy Grammar, Daily GRAMS, or Easy Grammar Ultimate Series by Dr. Wanda Phillips.

Easy Grammar texts use the prepositional approach, which deletes prepositional phrases to help students find subject, verb, agreement, etc. Dr. Phillips says, “I love to diagram; however, I always had 25–30% of my students who were confused by that procedure. In that I had 100% success using the prepositional approach, I soon gave up diagramming.” She adds that even students who formerly struggled had success with the prepositional approach. 

To increase mastery of the concepts, we highly recommend adding a Daily GRAMS to your Easy Grammar lesson. This daily, ten-minute exercise reviews the concepts of grammar as well as capitalization and punctuation. As an added bonus, a sentence combining component is included, which improves the students’ quality of writing.

High school students love the simplicity of the Easy Grammar Ultimate Series. This high school series provides students with 180 teaching lessons designed cyclically for mastery. Concepts are introduced, reviewed, and applied in ten-minute lessons, allowing focus on literature and writing.

New quick, fun, and informative Easy Grammar and Daily GRAMS videos can be found at The videos provide answers to many questions that parents may have. All of our texts are money-back guaranteed. 

Common Sense Press

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Try Learning Language Arts Through Literature, a complete, integrated language arts program for first grade through high school.

With LLATL, language arts skills are integrated into each lesson, eliminating separate workbooks for reading, spelling, writing, grammar, etc. Research shows that these skills are better retained when taught this way. Without the workbook busyness, most lessons take only twenty to thirty minutes. This allows time for students to engage in other interests or to get extra practice in specific problem areas, like writing.

Throughout the program, your student will be introduced to numerous classics. Most lessons begin with a dictation passage from a notable piece of literature. Language arts skills are then taught from the passage. The passage also serves as a model for skillful writing. Students will read four full novels at each level, which include vocabulary, discussion questions, and enrichment activities to encourage learning beyond the book.

With scripted lessons that read in a conversational tone, you can open the book and begin teaching right away, and as your children get older, they are encouraged to work independently. Each book in the series has thirty-six lessons divided into five days of activities. The flexibility of the program allows you to combine days to fit your schedule.

Use code TOS23 for 15% off your order at until 12/31/23.

Rabbit Trails Homeschool

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Raise Confident Writers in Your Homeschool!

When it comes to writing in the early years, children can struggle with where to start and that ever-dreaded “white-page syndrome.” At Rabbit Trails Homeschool, we focus on raising confident writers and teaching a love of learning.

Learn about Your Favorite Children’s Book Authors

Inside of Journey Down the Rabbit Trails Monthly Writing Membership, your elementary-age children will learn about award-winning picture book authors and illustrators. Why is this important? Because picture books build an amazing foundation and inspiration for early writers!

New Writing Assignments Every Month

Your child will have a new writing assignment every month in our writing membership. This keeps things fresh and new because they’ll be focusing on a different type of writing style each month. Poetry, short stories, letters, and even songs—your children will stay focused and excited to learn as they explore all of these different types of writing.

Brainstorming to Help Organize Your Young Writer’s Thoughts

When it comes to young writers, often the biggest struggle is knowing where to start. Journey Down the Rabbit Trail has new brainstorming activities for each writing assignment. No more “white-page syndrome” here. Your child will easily jot down their ideas so that they’ll be inspired to write.

Prepare Your Elementary Children for a Lifelong Love of Writing and Learning.

Learn more and join now for just $16 per month!


Lexercise is a personalized literacy program that provides you and your child with lessons, games, and activities based on the latest research in reading science and the Orton-Gillingham approach. Guided by our comprehensive, structured literacy curriculum, your child will soon be reading and spelling with confidence.

As both a curriculum and a platform, Lexercise is designed to both teach a student to read and to develop in the student a love for reading.

  • The Lexercise Structured Literacy Curriculum™ is aligned with the science of reading and designed to establish accurate and fluent decoding and spelling, and it is designed to stimulate curiosity about words, including what they mean, why they are spelled as they are, and how they have changed over time. 

  • The Lexercise platform provides customized daily practice using engaging games with immediate feedback to improve decoding and spelling, and it provides a variety of ways to engage the student in conversations about words and reading. 

See how Lexercise can help homeschooling families like yours and get more information about their program by clicking on this link. Enter code TOS at checkout and save 35% off every month your child stays on the program. (That’s about $25 per weekly session!)

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