Teach the wonderful art of our English language with these popular programs that help you educate your children with ease and effectiveness. Read through these brief descriptions of learning approaches that cover reading, writing, grammar, and spelling.

 Check out the free offerings, solutions for struggling readers, and video teaching that will assist you in raising your kids to be confident and accomplished in communication and comprehensive thinking. 
Institute for Excellence in Writing
Teaching writing can be easier than you think!

For more than twenty-five years, IEW ® has offered an effective method that encourages and inspires students to write and molds them into competent and confident communicators and thinkers.

Want to give it a try? Download three free weeks of language arts lessons that include the following: 

IEW products are enjoyable, effective, and easy-to-use— guaranteed. Do you have questions or need help figuring out where to begin? Give us a call (800.856.5815), send us an email ( info@IEW.com ), or chat with us online at IEW.com .

Download your free materials at IEW.com/lessons2020 .
Easy Grammar Systems
Easy Grammar Systems publishes the award-winning Easy Grammar teaching texts, Daily GRAMS review texts and Easy Grammar Ultimate Series teaching texts. Author Dr. Wanda C. Phillips has long been recognized for her expertise in teaching grammar and writing. Using easy explanations, she also introduces concepts in a building-block manner and incorporates a cyclical approach that promotes mastery learning. 

Easy Grammar teaching texts ( Grades 2-6 and Plus ) introduce common prepositions. Then, students learn to delete prepositional phrases and easily determine subject, verb, agreement, etc. Concepts are introduced at a basic level and build for understanding.  Easy Grammar Plus and Grades 3-6 include unit reviews/tests and cumulative reviews/tests, all enhancing mastery learning. (Students usually complete two or three lessons per day; however, the goal is mastery, not speed.)

Daily GRAMS texts ( Grades 3-7 ) are daily, 5-10-minute reviews (180 lessons). The format is capitalization (#1), punctuation (#2), grammar and other concepts (#3/4), and sentence combining (#5) for improved quality of writing. Concepts are reviewed cyclically to increase mastery learning. It is recommended to begin each class period with a lesson and, then, moving to Easy Grammar .

Easy Grammar Ultimate Series ( Grades 8-12 ) are teaching texts that are quick-but-thorough, 10-minute daily teaching lessons. This allows students to maintain skills—while expanding learning. Easy Grammar Ultimate Series presents 180 lessons with teaching and review of capitalization, punctuation, usage, and sentence combining for improved syntax.  
Please visit www.easygrammar.com for more information. 
Now you’ve got another option for how your elementary age children learn.

A new single subject Abeka Academy video homeschool enrollment for Language Arts is available for grades 4–6 when you choose the streaming video option.

That means you can lead the lessons yourself for some subjects and let our master teachers lead the language arts lessons.

DGP Publishing
Less time. More depth.
Meaningful language arts for all grade levels.
Doing lots of grammar exercises without a noticeable difference in writing?

Stop memorizing rules and completing mindless worksheets, and start developing a deeper understanding of grammar and sentence structure. In about ten minutes a day, Daily Grammar Practice helps students understand how all grammar concepts connect in a way that truly impacts writing. And with DGP Academy instructional videos, an expert teaches the lessons for parents who prefer not to!

New reader, English language learner, or reader struggling with comprehension?  
Advanced reader who devours fiction but could use help with nonfiction texts?

Student preparing for SAT/ACT?
A Cathy Duffy Top Pick, Daily Reading Practice helps new and struggling readers gain confidence and fluency while practicing a wide range of comprehension strategies. And it teaches advanced readers to slow down and analyze text more carefully and purposefully . Students work with one passage for a whole week, studying different aspects of it each day. Passages represent many genres and subjects, so students are better equipped to understand ALL types of texts. Passages in the high school books reflect those that students face on the SAT/ACT.

Do your kids misspell words again and again?

Daily Spelling Practice focuses not on memorization but on phonics, word-building, and spelling attack skills to teach students HOW to spell. Levels available for all ages.

Enjoy 25% off your entire purchase through 9/30/2020 with discount code Spotlight25! (can’t combine with other discounts)

Reading Unlocked
Unlocking the Reader in Your Child
Reading Unlocked – From ABCs to books in 4 months
A simple, effective, online learn-to-read program

Reading Unlocked teaches your child all the skills needed to read confidently. By learning individual letter sounds and blending techniques, they are able to decode words. This simple approach is far better than guessing or memorizing. 

Reading Unlocked is based on science. It teaches reading using phonics and introduces high frequency words early on. These proven techniques help your child quickly become a fluent reader.

Reading Unlocked is an online program that works on any computer or tablet.

With four starting levels, Reading Unlocked is suitable for beginner and early readers. Experiencing success every day motivates your child. It’s calm and distraction free, making it perfect for all children, including those with additional needs.

Reading Unlocked uses a multi-sensory approach. Children read, write and speak. This approach to reading makes learning faster and more effective. In fact, your child could go from not being able to read to a reading age of 7½ in just 4 months.

It’s designed to fit into your day. Taking only 10 minutes, it’s quick and easy for you and your child. To finish, there’s a poem at the end of every lesson for you and your child to read together. What a great way to enjoy reading and poetry with your child.

Reading Unlocked is currently available to homeschoolers at the discounted price of $14.99 a month. 

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