When you foster a love of learning at an early age, your child will have the advantage to succeed in various areas. These companies help you teach your young one the skills they will use throughout their lives. Read through the programs and full curriculum options that enhance the learning experience in essential skills. Make learning fun and engaging for your child!
Blocks Rock!
Blocks Rock! | STEM Educational Kids Game

Children are naturally curious. Unleash their full potential to explore, create, and imagine with Blocks Rock!, a competitive block building activity that helps students develop skills critical for STEM learning.

Families looking for hands-on, competitive, and collaborative games love Blocks Rock! 

“This is the perfect game for at home or in the classroom! I've played it with my 4-year-old and 10-year-old as well as my 18-year-old! The competitive nature of it appeals to the older kids, while with the younger set, you can remove the competition and just have them build the picture on the card on their own.” - 5 Star Amazon Review

Add STEM-Powered Block Play Into Your Daily Learning!

With its easy set-up and different options for game-play, Blocks Rock! can be your family’s go-to game. 

“Sometimes in the morning when we need a brain boost, we play Blocks Rock!, and other times it is after screen time when I want to enjoy some quality and productive time together. I am also sure to have it available for them to access whenever they wish.” - Lucy, children ages 3 and 7

Each set of Blocks Rock! comes with 24 solid wood blocks, a durable carrying case, a bell, and two decks of cards. With our newly updated, free Blocks Rock! 3D Companion App, kids can build over fifty challenging structures.  

Learn more about Blocks Rock! and get your set on our Amazon Storefront!
My Father's World
My Father's World Christian curriculum combines the best of Charlotte Mason's ideas, classical education, and unit studies with a biblical worldview and global focus. By always keeping God’s Word central, we team with your family to provide life-transforming, academic excellence with a Christian worldview. Complete curriculum packages are available from preschool thru high school.

Whether homeschooling one child or multiple children, My Father's World offers a learning experience which unites and engages the entire family. For the homeschooling parent with multiple children, deciding how to split your time among each child and keep track of many different topics poses a major challenge. Our Family Learning Cycle solves this problem with curriculum packages that can be taught to children at several different grade levels all at the same time.

We also have options for microschools, preschools, and daycares!

Get a free consultation today with one of our curriculum specialists: 573.202.2000.

You can also learn more at our website: MFWBooks.com
Maloney Method
Let our app teach your child to read!!
Now where did that kid go?

Hopefully, he’s not hiding in his room to avoid the tears and tantrums his brother had when I tried to teach him to read.
That boy could not figure out the sounds in the alphabet if his life depended on it.

Mom, first of all, don’t teach alphabet letter sounds. Except for vowels, they have almost nothing to do with reading.

In the alphabet, b and d look almost exactly alike. Change the bar on the letter “a” from vertical to horizontal and it looks like an e. And they sound alike - “b”, “d”, “aaaaa” – “eeeee”. They’re easy to confuse.

Instead teach the sounds “a”, “m”, and “t” first. They don’t look or sound alike.

Then teach some words like “am”, “at”, “mat” so he can see how reading works.

We need to teach the 1000 most common English words using phonics and blending.

That’s 85% of all English words and we can do that with only 67 sounds.

650 of the 1000 can be decoded, if you teach 67 sounds and blending. The other 350 are weird, but we have a strategy for that, too.

Try the first 5 lessons for free. The app does the teaching, so you don’t have to.

We have used this system for 45 years to teach more than 100,000 struggling kids.

Up-Words Reading
Up-Words Reading®, the Next Generation literacy program, is an early instructional curriculum designed to teach students to read and spell the English language. The program, developed by Lorie Delk, M Ed., CCC-SLP, Laura Scheer, M. Ed., and Jessica Kersting, Ph. D., CCC-SLP, is the product of years of experience in both reading instruction and speech-language therapy. It carefully follows research-based best practices in literacy education, and incorporates time-tested instructional techniques proven to enhance the learning experience.

Up-Words Reading® is

  • Comprehensive: provides a complete, self-contained package with everything needed to teach any child to read! Each level includes Teacher's Manuals, Student Workbooks, Decodable Readers and a Resource Kit. In addition, emphasis is placed on reading high-quality literature.
  • Versatile: designed for all students across the learning spectrum.
  • Integrated: addresses phonological awareness skills, phonics, fluency, syllabication, sight words and reading comprehension. Also, the daily lesson plans and Decodable Readers work together to reinforce each other. Reading and spelling are taught in concert.
  • Engaging: introduces young readers to entertaining characters and consistent narratives that last throughout the school year – and the entire curriculum. Students can look forward to returning to these lovable characters week after week and discovering what adventures they’re going to encounter next!
  • Consistent: absolute vocabulary integrity is maintained in the Decodable Reader series. Students will never encounter a word they haven’t already been taught to read.
  • Wholesome: emphasizes the values that parents want their children to learn. 
  • Effective: based on evidence-based, research-driven teaching methods.

Give your child the opportunity to learn essential skills while having fun! Our chess curriculum teaches critical thinking, patience, and focus while building confidence on and off the board! Join in on live, interactive online chess classes, clubs and tournaments at Chess4Life.com -- Our experienced coaches welcome beginners through advanced players.

Try our small-group Online Premium Chess Classes for rapid progress and individual progress tracking. Join in on our Online Chess Clubs for daily lessons and plenty of tournament practice. Our enthusiastic players ready for the excitement of a rated chess tournament can join in our weekly Quad Tournaments. Weekly Online Chess Camps set students up for online learning success by building focus each morning.

Parents and students alike are benefiting from quality online learning: “Our 7-year-old son devoured his many sessions with Chess4Life during this pandemic stay at home period. He is endlessly fascinated by the variants, and generally learned so much. Thank you!” (Online Chess Club parent)

Choose any chess program to bring the fun and focus into your child’s online learning routine! Take advantage of the proven cognitive benefits of learning chess today by registering online!  
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