We are all still here and are fully engaged
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Thank goodness for technology, that brings us together during
these times of
COVID-19 and the
Black LIves Matter Movement

 Each member of our core group has been busy in the last three months. Using ZOOM has helped us stay connected. Our online SWFL Community has grown to 75 members
We want to reach back out to you!

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This month we are also pleased to
hear from one of our
Pachamama SWFL Core Group Leaders, Linda Sechrist,
Editor/Sr. Staff Writer at  Natural Awakenings Magazine .

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Spotlight on PA SWFL Core Group Leader - Linda Sechrist

While reading Marianne Williamson’s introduction to Stephen Dinan’s excellent book, Sacred America Sacred World, a quote she referenced by visionary Werner Erhard snagged my attention. “You can live your life out of your circumstances, or you can live your life out of a vision”. A vision of positive changes we know are possible. 

The conversation during my interview with Stephen, president of the SHIFT Network, reminded me of a proverb, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Was it a coincidence that our SWFL Pachamama Alliance Elders group was in the process of creating a vision and mission statement as well as a strategic plan for the SWFL RESET Center we are developing in partnership with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers? No.

Sheltering-in, reading, walking my neighborhood, weeding, and meditating provided lots of time to think about Stephen’s call for a movement of evolutionaries committed to midwifing a new chapter in American history. He suggests that for spiritual seekers this is the calling of our soul, which knows we are each part of something larger. Its’ this call that I’ve felt and written about for more than 10 years and have particularly had hope for ever since our elders group coalesced. However, it’s been impossible to stop wondering how to help others melt their pandemic fear freeze and learn to comfortably cohabitate with the confusion, economic uncertainty and unpredictable future being compounded by conspiracy theories, mainstream media’s 24/7 fearmongering, and the governments authoritarian measures in response to the pandemic and racial unrest.  

How I, the majority of my friends, and colleagues have melted the fear freeze to navigate these tumultuous times is all that I can speak for. We’ve relied on friendships, community, and connectivity, and leaning on our spiritual relationship with a higher power, by whatever name we call it. We stopped listening to and reading news. We’ve all decided that this was a time to feel, connect with and breathe into and out of our heart. 
My spirit’s been buoyed up by weekly Zoom calls with our SWFL PA Elders Group, Fritjof Capra’s Systems Thinking group, which met twice a week, my Enough Sisters group, I’ve been part of for several years, my Mind Body Medicine weekly calls and The Connection Partners group I’ve been with for 10 years. These meetings required homework in between so I was busier during COVID than I was before.

Watching the world outside of me melt down, it was easy to acknowledge there were no answers “out there”. Now time to take a deeper dive inward, I put my 30 years of reading books about quantum physics, oneness and transformation into action—counting on the scriptural wisdom taken from the Bible, Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads to melt any fear and anxiety. Relying on ancient wisdom and seeking higher guidance might seem like inaction. It’s not. In fact, it raises our collective vibration and allows we evolutionaries to help midwife Pachamama Alliance’s vision of an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet into reality. In other words, a vision that would not only keep the people from perishing but would also create a world that works for everyone.

Join us in a ZOOM conversation about
Reversing Global Warming in SWFL
1:00pm June 26

We encourage all of you to take the time during the next two weeks to experience this ninety minute overview of the extraordinary scientific analysis of what we can do to reverse global warming. 


Here is the website where you can access this course: https://connect.pachamama.org/drawdown.  

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Be a part of the extraordinary global climate change movement which is bringing together people and environmental organizations in every community and nation around the world. Together we have the power to shape our future. 

Then, Join us in a ZOOM Conversation on June 26 1:00 PM
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This uplifting and solution oriented conversation will be facilitated by Gary Robbins, Joan Marshall, Holley Rauen
and the Pachamama SWFL Core group. 
We hope many of you will join us Friday June 26

Black Lives Matter
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