The creative subjects provide your children a unique way of experiencing the world that will give them more than just technical skills. Read through these company spotlights to discover what they can offer your children in education and experience! 

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Real Brave

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Looking for guitar, piano, drums, vocal, or ukulele lessons online? 

We have you covered. “The season of singing has come,” or, in our case, the music of the world is in our capable hands!

Imagine your child with God-given talents gaining confidence, focus, and creative expression through the art of music. Our family-oriented approach lets you choose the path—which could be classical, modern, or any wholesome approach—that you want! Our principles are to give you the best musical experience in a safe environment—all in the comfort of your home, online, live, and one-on-one with an instructor!

Real Brave offers music lessons on our unique platform weekly at a time of your choosing. We are also keen on letting you try for free any time you wish!

Because you appreciate a tailored approach to education, we are standing by to offer what you need as you follow the path of enrichment, integrity, and ultimately musical prowess.

Call (718) 454-0100 for a free consultation and access to a free lesson! Join thousands all over the country taking lessons online on our platform.

Homeschool Art Box

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Is art a challenge in your homeschool? It’s easy with Homeschool Art Box. We’ve done the work for you! Our monthly subscription boxes include an artist lesson, two art prints, step-by-step instructions, and all the art supplies needed for a related art project. No prep necessary; just open the box and get started!

Subscribe now at

Art History Lesson: Four full pages of art history centered on an influential artist, covering biographical information, art style, and other interesting and historical material.

Art Appreciation: Two full-color, high-quality prints of the artist’s work printed on durable paper for art appreciation.

Art Project & Supplies: Full-color, step-by-step instructions to complete a related art project and all the art supplies necessary for one to four students.

More Options: Enjoy the convenience of our all-inclusive Art Boxes—no prep and no searching for supplies! OR Use the art supplies you already have with our “Lesson Only” packets or printable packets. Pre-paid subscriptions, individual boxes, and printable lessons are also available.

Designed for 1st–8th grade students, Homeschool Art Box makes a great multi-age class. Students learn about the great masters of art, see the “big picture” of art history, and gain experience with a variety of art media.

Find out more at

Alexandra Adlawan

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The Adventures of Maddie and Albert

Alexandra Adlawan is a children’s book writer, illustrator, and founder of the Amazing Artists publishing company, from Long Beach, California. Ms. Adlawan graduated from a professional digital arts and animation studio specializing in autistic artists. Ms. Adlawan is a naturally gifted visual arts and written word communicator who excels in reaching children with her humor and bold use of color.

To date Ms. Adlawan’s The Adventures of Maddie and Albert children’s book series include Wild Imagination, How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Flying the Imaginary Skies, and Backyard Jungle.

There are no limits to our imagination, only limits to our being understood. Open your hearts and welcome the gifts of our creative contributions to the world.

Learn more at

Follow us on Instagram @alexandra_adlawan.

Animation Production Group

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Animation 5th–12th Grade After School Class

Unleash your 5th–12th grader’s animation skills! Unlock your student’s true potential in a supportive environment, while learning the ins and outs of animation. Your student will:

  • Learn to create digital cartoons 
  • Design their own characters 
  • Act as the voice of their characters 
  • Write their own scripts 
  • Collaborate with other students

Program includes

  • Weekly classes
  • Learn the production process and how to create projects as an animator, character designer, background artist, script writer, and voice actor
  • Participate in live online voiceover performance sessions
  • Get support from our teachers and mentors

Here is some student feedback:

“I am always so excited to join this class because even though I have been in it for almost seven years, I learn something new every time. This class has challenged me and helped me try new things that otherwise would have intimidated me in the past with art. The environment of the class is incredibly welcoming and fun, and Mr. Fisher is always eager to help. I have been able to use a lot of what I’ve learned in this class in actual animation jobs. This class is perfect for beginners as well as for those who have been doing art for a long time.” —Amanda H.

Animation After School also offers a class for students as young as 4th grade who want to learn to animate as beginners. The Intro to Animation Class is for ages nine and up.

Visit their website to see a sampling of student work, including numerous student animations.

(719) 357-7780

Building Brilliant Minds

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Building Brilliant Minds: Online School of the Arts

Project-Based Learning with a Purpose

$50 OFF any course until December 10, 2023

10 Reasons to Study Architecture 

  1. Students learn to communicate with a purpose. Architecture students are coached to defend the design choices of their projects. 
  2. Although advanced math is not 100% necessary for great designs, architecture provides practical reasons for using math. 
  3. Learning the history of architecture is a catalyst for learning world history and current events.
  4. Architecture provides a platform for teaching empathy as students design spaces for another’s needs.
  5. The study of architecture is a discipline that develops over time, patience, experimentation, and consistency.
  6. The study of architecture builds student self-awareness and confidence while teaching them to respond positively to constructive critiques.
  7. The study of architecture provides a purpose for learning about the great masters of the arts.
  8. The study of architecture encourages students to thrive by giving purpose and direction to their creative tendencies.
  9. The study of architecture provides students a glimpse into the heart and mind of our Creator. Created in HIS image, we were created to create.
  10. The study of architecture encourages young students to entertain a thinking process that leads to fun, project-based, experimental, and challenging projects. 

To Register, email Mrs. G. at [email protected].

Beginning Architecture  (Ages 7–12) begins January 9 at 1 pm (ET).

Introduction to Architecture (Ages 12–18) begins January 9 at 2 pm (ET).

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