First Quarter Professional Development Opportunities

Child Care Aware of NH, a program of Southern NH Services, is excited to be sharing the first quarter of our 2022-2023 Training Calendar! These professional development opportunities are being offered in the months of October, November, and December

To learn more about each of the individual professional development opportunities, please click on the image of the flyer. Registration is through Eventbrite and is required. You can access the registration link in one of two ways. You can find the link through the attached flyer, or you can click the, "Register Here" button located under each of the training descriptions. 

If you have questions about any of the Professional Development opportunities or have any issues with registration, please contact the Professional Development Support Coordinator by phone at (603) 903-0830 or by email at

We look forward to seeing you!

Awesome October Offerings

Fall Leader Summit: Be a Goldfish! Ideas for Staying Afloat

"Be a goldfish!" You might be asking yourself: why would anyone want to be a fish with a 3-second memory? Well, it turns out goldfish have some rather admirable qualities! For starters, they're quite resilient; they are able to survive water changes, disease, and even cold winters. They're also very social; they love socializing with fellow goldfish and are known to be peaceful towards other types of fish.

If you find this approach interesting, please join Luis Hernandez for an exploration of, "how to be a goldfish". Participants will learn how to build thriving teams through respect for diverse opinions, setting up for challenges and growth, and the power of staying positive and resilient. So what are you waiting for? Let's dive in!

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Fall Keys to Quality Conference: Unlocking Your Professional Development, Unlocking Your Potential, Opening Up Possibilities

Stress relief? Check!

Nature-based education? Check?

Information on Credentialing Revisions? Check!

Environment Rating Scales? Check! Check!

Come "check" out this fall's, "Keys to Quality Conference: Unlocking Your Professional Development, Unlocking Your Potential, Opening Up Possibilities"! There's something for everyone, with topics ranging from Yogarate to the period of PURPLE crying, and even making storytime more engaging. There's something for everyone, so come spend a day opening up possibilities!

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Noteworthy November Opportunities

Training & TA Institute

Coaching is helping someone achieve their personal best and helping them to unlock their potential. Join Constant Hine, adult educator, coach, and consultant, for this fall's Training and TA Institute. Learn how to support early care professionals "to get better at getting better". Explore how to move beyond goals and action plans, and go deeper into facilitating change. You will leave this session feeling empowered and ready to be a change agent. 

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Infant/Toddler Institute: Tips & Techniques on Self-Regulation and Challenging Behaviors in the Infant and Toddler Classroom


Do challenging behaviors have you feeling stressed or frustrated? Well, then this month's Infant/Toddler Institute is perfect for you! This year's focus will be on self-regulation and challenging behaviors. Learn more about Brain Gym, find out the "why" behind challenging behavior, and then finish up the day learning how to put that information into action. You'll leave this training equipped with the tools to take on those behaviors that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frazzled. 

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Dazzling December Events

A.C.T. Series Training Day: Emergency Preparedness: Understanding Risks in the Early Childhood Setting with FEMA

Emergency Preparedness can be overwhelming and maybe even a little scary. There's so much to think about and it can be daunting preparing for the "worst case scenario". John Watkins and Paul Deignan from FEMA are here to help you understand the risks and limitations of your program when it comes to emergency preparedness. Take a deeper look at the likelihood and possible impacts of those limitations. You'll spend this session exploring cyber security, compassion fatigue, and basic psychological first aid skills. You'll end the day better able to support the children and families you serve. 

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