Health and Safety News For The Princeton Community • Vol. III No. I, January 2019
Whether guarding against frostbite or cleaning snow off a car, be sure to think safe when the temperature plummets.
Pick up some useful tips on dressing safe , walking safe and driving safe
in winter on the EHS website.

Chemical Management: New Year, New Look
As a new year begins in the laboratory, take a fresh look at your chemical inventory and waste disposal practices. 

Key things to look for:
  • Chemicals labeled correctly: no missing or illegible labels. 
  • Proper storage: segregated by hazard class, compatible shelving and containers, away from heat sources, etc.
  • Peroxide formers and reactives identified, dated with date received and date opened and checked for condition.
  • Proper collection and storage of hazardous waste in closed, labeled and approved containers.

New Lab Safety Training Launched
Princeton EHS has launched an important update to the laboratory safety training curriculum.

The new course has two parts: Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety (web) and Laboratory Safety at Princeton University (classroom) .

Both are listed under Environmental Health and Safety training in the Employee Learning Center .

Laser Safety Training is Now Online

Fundamentals of Laser Safety, an online course administered by Princeton EHS in conjunction with the Safety Training Consortium, is available in the eLearning category of courses under Environmental Health and Safety in the Employee Learning Center .
Princeton EHS Welcomes Stanley Howell

Stanley Howell has joined EHS as Chemical Safety Program Manager. Stanley specializes in chemical safety, training, spill response, hazmat shipping, storage and lab safety consultation. He comes to us from UC-Irvine and holds a PhD in Chemistry from UC-San Diego.
Crossword Challenge
The winter crossword features clues related to winter safety. Read our article about it this month if you want to be sure to ace it! Share your score on social media using the #EHSCrossword hashtag and we'll give you a shout-out!
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EHS has been charged (see what we did there) with the collection
and disposal of recyclable batteries.
Battery Recycling Bucket Locations

  • E-Quad A134 (outside of loading dock)
  • Moffett R033 (outside of loading dock)
  • Icahn M06 storage (outside of loading dock)
  • Frick (outside of stockroom)
  • MacMillan (1st floor receiving; hallway outside of B22)

If you do not work near one of these collection sites, request a battery pickup by emailing us at or calling 609-258-1545.
Rechargeable Batteries Only, Please

Princeton only recycles rechargeable batteries: lithium-ion, nickel cadmium, button cell and rechargeable C, D, AA and AAA batteries, generally marked “rechargeable,” "Ni-MH” or "lithium".

Non-rechargeable alkaline batteries are NOT recycled by Princeton. Such batteries are not classified as hazardous waste and the recovery process uses more energy than would be saved by re-use. These batteries can be disposed of in the regular trash.
Surplusing Lab Equipment
Dealing with old equipment is one of the biggest challenges when shutting down or upgrading a laboratory.

EHS has your guide to what can be surplused, and what needs to be discarded or recycled.

It's Official: Tigers Love TigerSafe!
The TigerSafe safety app has been downloaded over 2400 times—that’s a lot of tigers! Downloads and use of the app continue to grow as more students, faculty and staff hear about TigerSafe’s sophisticated tools and resources for staying safe on campus.  
Upcoming Trainings January-May 2019
Ergonomics and Healthy Computing
Jan. 9 1:30-2:30 p.m. TBA

Intro to Biosafety
Jan. 10 10-11 a.m. Lewis Thomas Laboratory, Room 118

Bloodborne Pathogens For Researchers
Jan. 16 2-3 p.m. Lewis Thomas Laboratory, Room 005

Ergonomics and Healthy Computing
Feb. 6 10-11 a.m. TBA

Intro to Biosafety
Feb. 14 10-11 a.m. Lewis Thomas Laboratory, Room 005

Radioactive Materials Safety
Feb. 20 2-4 p.m. Schultz Laboratory, Room 218

Bloodborne Pathogens For Researchers
Feb. 21 3-4 p.m. Lewis Thomas Laboratory, Room 222

Ergonomics and Healthy Computing
March 6 1:30-2:30 p.m. TBA

Radioactive Materials Safety
March 20 2-4 p.m. Schultz Laboratory, Room 218

Ergonomics and Healthy Computing
April 3 10-11 a.m. TBA

Radioactive Materials Safety
April 17 2-4 p.m. Schultz Laboratory, Room 218

Ergonomics and Healthy Computing
May 2 1:30-2:30 p.m. TBA

Radioactive Materials Safety
May 15 2-4 p.m. Schultz Laboratory, Room 218

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