Health and Safety News For The Princeton Community • Vol. III No. IV, Oct. 2019
Welcome Back, Tigers!
EHS Holds Safety Fair and Talk
Crossword Challenge
One of the safety fair activities was a crossword puzzle on the theme of lab safety. Only one attendee dared take up the challenge—and won a prize!

Are YOU the Boss of the Cross? Post a pic of your completed crossword using the #EHSCrossword hashtag on social media or email it to and win a prize!
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Fire Prevention Week Oct. 6-13
This year’s campaign, “Not every hero wears a cape. Plan and practice your escape!” promotes being proactive and having an escape plan in place before a fire incident occurs. Learn More »
Tips to Live By: Portable Electric Space Heaters
As the weather turns colder, many across the Princeton University campus will attempt to utilize portable electric space heaters to take the chill out of their work area. If you plan to use a portable electric space heater, make sure to follow these instructions.

Minors Policy and Website Launched

The University has instituted a policy for programs involving minors on campus. Program Directors must know what constitutes a covered program, register the program and take necessary steps in order to host minors.

TigerAlert Test Oct. 18

The annual test of the TigerAlert emergency notification system will take place Friday, Oct. 18 at 1 pm. To update contact info, faculty and staff should log into the HR Self-Service Website. Students must use the TigerHub database.

Get alerts fast and emergency info at your fingertips with the TigerSafe ap p.

Princeton Celebrates Safety
Safe + Sound Week 2019
Safe + Sound Week 2019 took place Aug. 12-18, with special promotions all over campus. EHS representatives handed out over 70 You’re Been Caught cards, recognizing Princeton employees “caught in the act” of being safe—wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), using appropriate tools and following other safe work practices.  

Followers of Princeton EHS on social media were treated to photos of staff members proudly displaying You’ve Been Caught cards, redeemable for prizes at the EHS Safety Supply Store

Employees were also encouraged to Take 10 For Safety, utilizing a checklist to evaluate their workspace for hazards. 

OSHA recognized Princeton’s participation on a national scale by retweeting one of our dispatches. Thanks to all employees, supervisors and EHS staffers who supported and participated in our efforts!
Air Quality Tip: Keep Drains Wet
Recently, there have been several instances of unpleasant odors in laboratories that have elicited calls to EHS. In each case, the cause was dry sink and floor drain traps .

Drains are equipped with a U-shaped pipe, called a trap, which blocks odors when full of water. Infrequently used drains and sinks will dry out, allowing these odors to escape. 

New Drone Rules Coming Into Effect
New FAA rules for flying drones were instituted in 2018 and are in the process of coming into effect. Most relevant to educational flyers are the updated “special rule” recreational drone standards.

Lab Health & Safety Fundamentals
Waste Management

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) coordinates the hazardous waste program on campus. Procedures differ depending on whether you are generating chemical, biological/medical or radioactive waste.
Training Requirements

All faculty, staff, students and visiting researchers working in labs are required to take Safety Training. Researchers complete a general session plus training specific to their laboratory.
Upcoming Trainings October-December 2019
Laboratory Safety at Princeton University
Oct. 15 3-4:30 p.m. McDonnell Hall Room 101A*

Bloodborne Pathogens For Researchers
Oct. 16 4:30-5:30 p.m. Lewis Thomas Laboratory, Room 005

Fire Extinguisher Training
Oct. 18 10 a.m. 200 Elm Drive, Room 105

Fire Extinguisher Training
Nov. 1 2 p.m. 200 Elm Drive, Room 105

Laboratory Safety at Princeton University
Nov. 1 3-4:30 p.m. McDonnell Hall Room 101A*

Intro to Biosafety
Nov. 6 1:30-2:30 p.m. Lewis Thomas Laboratory, Room 005

Ergonomics & Healthy Computing
Nov. 6 1:30-2:30 p.m. Frist Campus Center, Room 114

Laboratory Safety at Princeton University
Nov. 12 3-4:30 p.m. McDonnell Hall Room 101A*

Fire Extinguisher Training
Nov. 15 10 a.m. 200 Elm Drive, Room 105

Intro to Biosafety
Dec. 4 10-11 a.m. Lewis Thomas Laboratory, Room 005

Fire Extinguisher Training
Dec. 6 2 p.m. 200 Elm Drive, Room 105

* Online Prerequisite
To sign up for a training session, go to: 

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