Spotlight on Success: June 19, 2020
Enjoy Your Summer!
Beat the Summer Slide!
Congratulations parents and guardians, you made it through the school year! Our 2019-20 school year was historical unlike any other we’ve ever experienced! 
We hope you have found our Parenting Toolbox helpful during the past few months. 

As we close out the school year, our parting post shares ideas on different ways to avoid the “Summer Slide.” Contrary to what it sounds like, this isn't a fun waterslide in town! Rather, the “Summer Slide” refers to a backwards academic slide that many children experience as a result of a loss of knowledge such as reading and math skills over the summer. Did you know that children can lose up to three months of academic progress over the summer?

Tools4School is a partnership between the Issaquah Schools Foundation and Issaquah Food & Clothing bank to provide new backpacks filled with basic school supplies for Issaquah School District K-12 students who need financial support.
We have begun collecting donations for Tools4School!  You can help by donating a school supply kit, backpack, or both here:
If you are in need of a backpack with school supplies, please register at: . Distribution will take place August 18, 2020 from 1:00 – 7:00 pm at Clark Elementary via curb side pickup.   
Making an Impact: Marisol Visser
By Student Trustees Katy Manning
and Sierra Martinsen
Marisol Visser is a mom of 3 girls in the Issaquah School District currently pursuing her passion as an Issaquah Schools Foundation employee. Marisol is originally from Tabasco, Mexico and found after moving here that it can be difficult for her to understand how the American education system works and how to best support her children in an unfamiliar environment. She recognized years ago that this difficulty was not unique to her--many families in the Issaquah community speak a language other than English at home, leading to trouble understanding the information put out by the school district. To combat the issue of understanding the education system as a non-native English speaker, Marisol and Margarita Leas came up with a great idea--start a multilingual magazine that covers topics across the US school system, school procedures, how to get involved in your students’ education, and college prep. This magazine, Cultural Bridges, is designed to support non-native English speakers in the Issaquah community as they navigate the American school system and everything it entails. Families can subscribe and receive this quarterly magazine in Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, English, Russian and Chinese.

During the current pandemic, Marisol is aiming to help non-native English speakers by translating recent news and advice into many different languages to help parents navigate caring for their children during the quarantine. S he encouraged the community to “ think about living in Japan and not being able to speak a bit of Japanese, but something as big as what we are living right now with COVID19 is happening. Wouldn't it be great if you were able to find local news in English so that you can truly understand better?” One example of her work in helping these multilingual families is translating the recent edition of the ParentWiser talks given on how to handle children’s strong emotions such as fear or stress. Some suggestions for helping kids who are struggling emotionally include having family conversations about these feelings, getting the child involved in a hobby they are passionate about, or reaching out to a therapist over Zoom. By translating this advice, Cultural Bridges is helping parents better understand and support their children despite the language barrier. 
Summer Reading Program Starts Next Month
We are so excited to tell you that the Summer Reading Program is back!

2020 Summer Reading Program:
Wednesdays, July 15th thru August 12th
1:30pm - Valley Church in Renton
6 pm on Zoom (online)

COVID19 guidelines are in effect, our in-person meetings will be for a small groups of children. A zoom meeting will be offered in the evenings, registration is encouraged.

Visit for details!
Summer Lunch
Summer Lunch helps to fill the gap in the summer when kids aren't receiving lunch at school. School-age children (K-12) within the Issaquah School District will receive breakfast, lunch, and snack items, as well as a variety of produce and deli options, every other week beginning Friday, June 26 from 12-4 PM at the Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank. To participate in the program please  REGISTER HERE  for your K-12 children attending Issaquah School District schools. Registration is important to ensure there is enough food on site for all participating families.
Fun Summer Art Activity
Drawing Mandalas for Relaxation with
Our Creative Arts Integration Director