Customizing your child's education to their interests and learning style is one of the great advantages of homeschooling. Review the options below to provide your family with the training and experience to encourage, inspire, and educate!
Maloney Method

What is your heart rate right now?
How fast are you breathing?
How quickly do you walk?
How fast do you talk?
Not sure?

We usually do not know how fast these events are occurring because we only measure their frequencies occasionally, if at all. We are generally unaware of frequency as a measure. Is knowing about frequencies important?

Given that every behavior has a frequency or a range of frequencies, it can be a useful measure if we are trying to change one of our behaviors. First responders use heart or respiration rates as a quick key measure when they are doing triage in emergencies. Fingers on an artery or a mirror under nostrils are fast, reliable measures for determining who can or cannot be assisted.

In less dramatic situations, frequency can be used in every home to determine how well you or someone else performs a specific behavior. Musicians use metronomes to pace their playing. Children learning to read are expected to read close to the rate at which they speak in order to become “good readers”.   

Like adults, children converse at 150-200 words per minute, a well-known standard. It would take about a minute to determine the fluency of our children’s decoding words in texts. Count errors as a measure of quality. A “good reader” should decode 150-200 words per minute with no more than 2 errors in a minute. Try it with your kids.

Computer science and digital literacy are critical skills for today’s student. Many states require a computer class for high school graduation, and programming skills are in high demand in the job market. Let CompuScholar teach your students how to code, create websites, design video games, and much more! 

CompuScholar has won numerous homeschool awards, with a decade of experience supporting homeschool families. Come see why they are the preferred choice for homeschool students seeking computer science instruction!

Courses include Digital Savvy (learn fundamental computing skills), Web Design (create web pages with HTML/CSS), Python Programming (learn to code in Python), Windows Programming (learn to code in C#), Unity Game Programming (create video games with Unity), and Java Programming (study for the AP Computer Science A exam).

All courses are online, self-paced, and self-study. Students will learn through instructional videos, lesson text, automatically graded quizzes and tests, and many hands-on projects. Courses are full 1 or 2-semester experiences that are aligned to many state curriculum standards, so you can confidently assign credit on your homeschool transcript.

The courses come with complete answer keys, activity solutions and teacher guides. Parents do not need to be technical experts – CompuScholar has free technical support and gladly answers student questions. 

Please call our homeschool hotline at 888-606-7263 or visit us online at to learn more and get started today.
The Warrior Class
Unique Training for Christian Learners Preparing for College

The Warrior Class offers a unique curriculum of 15 compelling “Ted Talks” followed by self-directed Q&A and discussion points designed to prepare High School Juniors and Seniors for productive post-secondary careers.

Sadly, in recent years, “College” has become a place where faith and a true thirst for learning have gone to die. Seventy percent of students arriving on campus with Christian backgrounds, challenged by peer pressure and the secular influence of their professors, put aside their critical thinking skills and their faith.

High School Seniors need to be prepared to challenge the prevailing mood of the academic world, to thrive and grow in their learning skills while influencing others to seek Godly wisdom and direction in that critically important time of exploration and learning that the “college” years represent.

Harvard’s mission statement, published at its founding and based on John 17:3 and Proverbs 2:3 needs to be reasserted:
“Let every Student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed to consider well, that the main end of his life and studies is, to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life and therefore to lay Christ in the bottom, as the only foundation of all sound knowledge and learning. And seeing the Lord only giveth wisdom, let every one seriously set himself by prayer in secret to seek it of him.”

Only in this way can college students, once again, become productive citizens and leaders based on a search for true knowledge based on God’s wisdom.  

Building Brilliant Minds
Does your student need a new, fun, and exciting extracurricular elective?

Project-Based Learning with a Purpose
$50 OFF any course until January 31, 2021

Beginning Architecture Courses 
(for ages 7-12) 

Students use materials from around the house to create structures.

Home Design  
Students use physical/digital platforms to model/draw the plans/create vision boards for their dream homes.

City Design 
Students use physical/digital platforms to create their city.

Introduction to Architecture*
(for students ages 11+)
*Prerequisite for Advanced Architecture Courses
Students research historic periods of architecture, sketch and complete a project for each of the nine lessons over 10 or 18 weeks.

Advanced Architecture Courses
*Prerequisite - Intro to Arch
AdvArch 1 - City Design
Students write about different architects, sketch, and complete a project for each lesson. 

AdvArch 2 - Home Design
Students design their dream homes, draw plans, choose the interior furnishings, and keep track of how much they are spending.

Piano Lessons (Individual or Shared)
For students age 8 and older
Mrs. G. is a registered Simply Music Piano Teacher

Introduction to Photography 
(for students ages 13+)

Choice-based art course following what we read in class or what students read on their own.

Brilliant Students take courses in the Arts
Contact Mrs. G. @ for more information, $50 off, and to register for any course or to schedule piano lessons.
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