Bill Heck, Managing Principal of Harlan Group, John Kelly, Chairman and CEO of CereScan, and Remington Green, CEO and Co-Founder of Organic People, discuss the benefits of inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

to GlobalMindED on Saturday, 
June 9 from 9 am to 3 pm
Facilitators: Dr. Marialice B.F.X. Curran, Digital Citizenship Institute
David Goutcher, Polybius Games (Scotland); Bronwyn Joyce, Our Global Classroom (Australia); Brad Waid, International Award Winning Educator and Top 14 Influencer in Augmented Reality
Technology Track

Non-Technical Careers within Technology Companies
Panel Leader: David SchneiderHP Inc.

Blockchain and Encrypted Security
Panel Leader: Sally Eaves
Forbes Technology Council and Aspirational Futures

Gaming and Interactive Challenge-Based Learning
Panel Leader:  Michael CushmanDaVinci Institute

Outcomes Measurement and Data: Analytics that Drive Behavior
Panel Leader:  Dr. Melissa VitoUniversity of Arizona

Cybersecurity, Privacy and Intellectual Property
Panel Leader:  Mark Hellbusch GBprotect Inc.

AR/MR/VR: Visceral-Driven Learning and Skills Attainment
Panel Leader:  Brad Waid Top 14 influencer in Augmented Reality

Diverse Tech Role Models: Filling the Pipeline 
Panel Leader: Maria Popo AMP10x


Building Bridges to STEM Learning for all Students 
Panel Leader: Dr. Jenny Nash, LEGO® Education North America

Opportunities: Leveling the Playing Field for Women and Minorities in Aerospace
Panel Leader: Michael LutomskiSafety, Reliability, Risk Management, Sustainability, and Human Space Exploration Expert

Thinking Outside the Box in STEAM: Preparing Students for an Unscripted Future
Panel Leader: Amelia MawlawiHP Inc.
Increasing Diversity in STEM
Panel Leader:  Dr. Reagan Flowers, C-STEM Teacher and Student Support Services, Inc. and Education Consulting Services, LLC

Closing the Skills Gap with Apprenticeships, Maker Spaces, Invention, Innovation and Experiences that Develop Competence
Panel Leader:  Dr. Emily Williams Knight, Study Group

Girls & STEAM: Equity, Inclusion, and Excellence 
Panel Leader: Sylvia Martinez, Constructing Modern Knowledge

Radical Inclusive Innovations in STEM 
Panel Leader: Dr. Penny Eucker, STEM School and Academy

Presenters: Ben Snively and Bill Bales, Amazon 

Advancements in technology are paving new ways for learning. People speaking different languages can easily understand each other, content of all types becomes searchable, content is available across text, visual, and voice, and it's providing independence to people with disabilities. 

In this session, we'll discuss and cross pollinate needs and ideas for innovative and technology enhanced learning modalities: Personalized learning, Machine Learning and AI interactive materials, and utilizing data to better develop solutions.

Presenter: Travis Ratnam , Knowledgehook

As technology use in education becomes common practice, it is important to ensure that the tools that are deployed in classrooms are having an impact and not just checking the "technology" box. The first wave of technology tools for education were lauded for simply being digital, but how we apply technology to foster achievement and how that integrates with the traditional models of teaching are very important. 

The second wave of technology in education must be better. It must be more direct. It must enhance low-tech practices and strike the right balance between being disruptive and sustainable. Instructional Guidance System technology is designed to help teachers scale the practices that they are familiar with and empower them to take control of their classroom instruction in ways which weren't possible without technology. 

Learn how using data can transform the teaching and learning experiences for math classrooms and how it can all foster improved outcomes across schools and districts.
Monday, June 11th from 8:45 am to 4:30 pm

GlobalMindED and  HP Inc., Intel, Nvidia, Broadcom, and Colorado Technology Association invite you to our Tech Day of Industry
The Tech Day of Industry is an event for inspiring, engaging, and empowering underserved populations and first-generation students - from first gen-high school graduates to first-gen college students - ages 16-19.

Students will spend a half-day with HP and various Northern Colorado companies, have lunch with Tech leaders, participate in the Career Fair and attend the Closing Reception. 

STUDENTS CAN APPLY HERE (there is no fee for students to attend)
Monday, June 11th from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

GlobalMindED invites students to our Career Fair with College Degree and Career Fair with High School Diploma

Students will meet various companies as part of the GlobalMindED conference. 

STUDENTS NEED TO RSVP HERE (there is no fee for students to attend)

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