August 30, 2022                          


Intel's construction site near Columbus for its $20 billion semiconductor plant - 

only 26 miles from the Fannin family home in Lancaster, Ohio. 

This is where the "chip war" between the U.S. and China will become very real -

in Silicon Heartland.  

Silicon Heartland cover

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Silicon Heartland Endorsements

John Chambers, JC2 Ventures / Cisco

"explores the tech innovation frontier emerging in states that were once centers of commerce but were left behind when they didn’t adapt to new technologies

Congressman Ro Khanna 

"a book that inspires hope for our future"

Jim Breyer, Breyer Capital 

"an indispensable book for founders, investors, and change-makers"

Brad Smith, Marshall University / Intuit 

"a must-read for anyone who believes that entrepreneurial success is only possible

on the coasts"

Maelle Gavet, Techstars 

"the untold story of the Rust Belt rising,

amid a wave of optimism, innovation,

and old-fashioned grit”

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