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February 2023 | Spread More Kindness in 2023
As the Sunmark Charitable Community Foundation and Beekman 1802 approach the third Summer of Kindness this year, we're excited to announce the addition of Kids Kindness Workshops to our Kindness program.

To aid in our mission of "depositing kindness" within our local communities, Kids Kindness Workshops will bring the Kindness Crew on the road to schools and other youth organizations. Children will learn what it means to be kind and how the smallest acts of kindness can leave a positive impact on the world. The Kindness Crew will facilitate group discussions on the meaning of kindness and help children brainstorm how to spread kindness in their homes, communities, and school. Groups will complete hands-on Kindness Projects to benefit a local organization in their community. Workshops are tailored to fit various age groups and schedules.

Are you a teacher or youth leader who would like to bring kindness into your classroom or organization? We can bring the Kindness Crew to you! For more information, visit our Kindness page or send an email to
Show Love for the Boys and Girls Club!
The Sunmark Foundation has been a long-time supporter of The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area. The BGCCA provides safe havens for young people by offering quality programs and critical relationships with nurturing and reliable adults. They serve more than 1,200 youth each day, providing meals, homework help, and resources that help kids have a positive-self image and make healthy choices. They even host free Teen Nights on Fridays to give teens a fun place to be safe, play games, use the gym, watch movies, and just hang out.

For the Love of the Club is a campaign aimed at raising needed funds and awareness for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area. Sunmark Foundation's Vice President, Audrey Stone, has signed up as a champion of their mission. Join Audrey's goal to help spread kindness to the local youth who need it most.
Rachael | Foundation Board Member

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
I would want to fly. Then I could just up and go wherever I wanted, when I wanted, without the hassle of driving or dealing with airports.

What is the best concert you've ever attended?
Garth Brooks at the Times Union Center in 2017!

What has been your favorite Foundation project?
I love the Summer of Kindness projects. It’s really neat to take children’s ideas for spreading kindness in their communities and help them bring them to life.

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