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One of the ways our team has decided to keep others lifted while lifting ourselves is by spreading a little Holiday Cheer!

Would you join us?
  1. Write a personal note, handwritten note and mail it today.
  2. Bake cookies and share with a family in your neighborhood. It's a great way to bring your children in on the "Cheer"!
  3. Pay if Forward ... While in the driveline getting your breakfast smoothie, coffee or tea, pay the next person's order. (We hope their order is not for the office. #LOL)
  4. See an elderly pushing his or her cart to the car, offer to assist with a smile.
  5. Call someone you haven't spoken to in a while with a simple message, "You were on my mind. I just needed to hear your voice!" No worries, if the person doesn't answer, leave a voicemail and text to say, "You have a very important voicemail message sent with care."
  6. Donate: As family project could include gently worn clothes, shoes or coats/jackets. Be sure they are clean and share with a neighborhood sheltering place.
  7. Give: To a local non-profit organization that's changing lives, building community or solving problems. Here's a few we to consider ... SUPERGirlsSHINEFoundation, The1906HopeCenter, BayAreaTurningPoint and SafeDiversityCommunities
  8. POST a pic of you in your Holiday Cheer Spirit with hashtag ... #SUPERLadyCheer18
...and always remember, our youth are watching us so let's be sure to SHINE so they SHINE too!!!



= Opportunity
Community Announcement ...
Have you purchased your Mother/Daughter Team tickets?
Join us Houston for our 2nd Ladies & Girls - It's Tea Time, Saturday, Jan 12, 2019 for a time of engaging conversations with Leading Ladies that will IMPACT how girls see, think and build their futures in leadership and STEM or STEM related fields while enjoying culture, music, making new friends and lite bites. WHY? #SUPERGirlsSHINE and It's #SHINETeaTime19

School Groups are encouraged to email us at for group rates! Hurry, first come first served!

Includes, music, cultural traditions, tea cups, lite bites, conversation and chances to WIN STEM Camps & Leadership Workshops. It's #SHINETeaTime


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