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Participant SPOTLIGHT

Amy Jackson first joined IDA's TeamQuest for Rock 'n' Roll San Diego back in 2016. This year, Amy continues to show her dedication by competing in the Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Half Marathon! IDA truly appreciates every step she has taken on the quest to support all struggling readers.

Please follow Amy's footsteps and support her quest by making a donation and sharing this link so that others can do the same... until everyone can read!
Wear Your "Favorite" Sweater

We've all received an ugly holiday sweater or two... is yours still stowed away in a closet? Why not bring it out for an Ugly Sweater fundraiser in your workplace? You can offer tasty holiday treats and drinks and ask for $10-15 donations. It's a fun way to add to your TeamQuest efforts for IDA!

Give Yourself a Break
Consider IDA and TeamQuest for a year-end, charitable contribution! All donations are tax deductible and support research-based information and support for students struggling with dyslexia and their families

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