Special Enrollment is now open for health insurance through April 3.

Please pass this information along to anyone who might need it!

Your Situation and What is Available

  • I am uninsured. - Now is the time to sign up! Anyone can sign up for a plan on Connect for Health from March 20 – April 3. Medicaid enrollment is available year round! Click here for details.

  • I am making less money. - Your insurance premium could be reduced OR you may qualify for Medicaid

  • I lost my job. - You may qualify for Medicaid OR a plan on Connect for Health Colorado

  • You had insurance with your job. - Cobra may be available to you. It will be more expensive, but you will keep the same plan.

What You Should Do Now

  • Schedule a FREE virtual appointment with Doctors Care. We will walk you through it! We have certified guides to help you get the best option. To keep you safe, all our appointments are now virtual.