February is all about hearts, roses and chocolates!
To celebrate this love-ly month we wanted to share some
of the most romantic destinations in Scotland & the
rest of the world with you.
After falling head over heels in love French couple Clotilde and Tristan tied the knot at Glen Affric Youth Hostel , nestled in one of the country's most beautiful glens.
From dreamy rural locations to wonderful city-scapes, Scotland is not only one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it's also delightfully romantic!

You'll find our hostels in picture-perfect locations. That's why some of our guests have chosen to get married with us!
Around the world
Unwind in one of Iceland's thermal spas,
find solitude in Slovenia, experience the
Peak District.
We searched the globe and found youth hostels that you're guaranteed to fall in love with in 2019...

Whether you're planning a long weekend away or a holiday abroad, get inspired by this list of wondrous hostels from around the world. They are guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat!