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I hope you had a great 2010 season with your respective football teams, it was a great year as a whole for the spread offense in football. We had the Auburn Tigers and Oregon Ducks, two spread, fast paced shot gun offenses with dual threat quarterbacks facing off in the BCS national title game. Cam Newton, the heisman trophy winner showed great poise and athletic ability leading the Auburn Tigers to the national championship in a dual threat quarterback role.


We also had the same at the FBS (Division 1-AA) college level, with Eastern Washington edging Delaware, both spread offense teams in the title game.


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Offensive Innovations - What Oregon and Auburn Have Accomplished!
There was a nice article written by Jon Solomon of The Birmingham News the day before the national title game on 'Offensive Innovations' in football, in particular the spread offense and variations of the spread offense.

The article has some very good coaches resources and true innovators of the spread and wide open offenses.

To read the articlce, go to: Offensive Innovations
Spread Offense Coaches Survey - Help Us Help You!
We've come a long way since our first article in 2007, and with the overwhelming support and positive feedback from football coaches and players from all over the world, we are ready to take this business to the next level.

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