We have traveled around the globe including Africa sharing the gospel. Travel is costly. I'd rather see those funds go directly to the people and their needs. We have been working with a good number of folk from Africa and India. Some small, some large groups via email. Yes email. Our website makes available a lot of good written materials sharing the gospel and how to Walk with God. How to recognize the inaudible voice of God to their conscience, based upon the Word of God. How to raise their children by the Spirit. They discover us. Word of mouth spreads to others who come to our site and glean our free written materials and
videos. But they need more than our free materials to go deeper yet.   

We have gotten to know many via the internet and email interaction. Simple, poor people are hungry for the Word of God, to know the how to's of connecting with Christ their Savior. In Christ they are finding Divine power that accompanies human efforts and are gaining victories over their flesh and teach those around them what they learn. The loud cry is for more of our materials to help progress their experience. They ask for good Spiritual materials that will help them in their walk. As a result we have been sharing our materials for free with special folk in Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, India, and even Pakistan and beyond.   

Our joys in working with these people is Great. Seeing them embrace the gospel and go forward changing and teaching others. We give away a lot of our materials but our means limits us. We get many pleading and urgent emails requesting our materials, and for bibles for their people to learn. We cannot meet all the requests alone. So, we wish to make you aware of the opportunity to do foreign mission work by donating to this cause. Shipping is costly to these countries but I would love to share some of the communications we get when materials arrive to them. God-called ministers in their own countries doing what they can to bring people to Christ to find peace where there is no peace. Discovering a God who is there and cares for them.
I'm meeting in poor households for prayers, Bible and school lessons but sometimes feel ashamed for not ... doing more. I need your continuous prayers in this crisis so I that I can settle a center of influence in "my home" for their education, practical outdoor lessons and worship services. I normally feel sad on this financial constraint but I know God will make a way. I found your God Wants All a delight for my devotion supplement among my little family and the Battle for One Soul is reviving as well as one the powerful, simple life guides to the Gospel of Jesus. I've not got some of the points before in any of materials ... I will make these useful and sharing to some of my English students.
Please, I kindly thank you for your support.
Thank you for your continued prayers, communication and your desire in helping us with materials to help us listen to where our Lord God is leading us to live and share the gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your books! As I have them and they have proven useful and of great encouragement to us. Send us more.
Your books, DVD's, CD's, booklets, and articles have been a real blessings and encouragement to us, our family and our helpers. Your website is a breath of fresh air!! As we outreach to our community we will share these wonderful truths you have so graciously shared with us and taught us. A big thank you!  
  Wish I could share more of the many responses like these. We often get into many other discussions via email and get closer to one another as we share the desire for Christ to be #1 in our lives, hearts and families.

So, if you wish to join us in meeting the many needs with these Bible Believing, true hearted seekers after Christ with helping to send our discounted materials and help cover shipping expenses; please donate to the Foreign Missions and we will use your donations to accomplish God's purpose to care and help others to KNOW Him. We look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless you,
Sally & Jim  
                                 Jesus our Shepherd & Savior!!