We're Heating Up Spring with Hot New Maintenance Specials.

Improve Performance. Prevent Breakdowns. Lower Your Energy Bill.

Two Spring Cleaning Packages to Choose from: 

Refrigerator Maintenance Package - $98
  • Clean the condenser coils
  • Check and properly adjust the thermostat and air dampers
  • Check the automatic defrost cycle
  • Check door seals for air leaks
  • Plus 6 more services! 

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Laundry Maintenance Package - $98
  • Inspect washer belts, hoses, rubber seals, bellows, and more.
  • Run washer diagnostics on all functions including fill, spin, and drain.
  • Check washer for leaks.
  • Check dryer's internal temperatures to verify heater cycles on and off correctly.
  • Inspect dryer tumbler, wear bearings, felts, drum belt, idler pulley, and support rollers for wear.
  • Open dryer and vacuum out all lint.
  • Plus 7 more services! 
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Top Cleaning Products for Spring

Seriously Magic! The Magic Eraser removes stains and dirt even bleach won't touch.

Spring (Cleaning) Is In The Air!

Proper maintenance and care of your household appliances can increase their effectiveness and life span, as well as decrease possible safety risks. Follow this checklist to learn how to deep clean your major appliances.

Read " How to Spring Clean Your Appliances" for expert tips.
 Say "Yes" to Organic Cleaning Products
Don't want to use cleaners that contain harsh chemicals for your spring cleaning? While there certainly are natural cleaning brands, such as Mrs. Myers, you can also whip up your own cleaning products. You likely have all you need already in your pantry:

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