Volume 11, Issue 3 | March 2022

For me, the month of February is about love and friendship, and I wrote about that a bit last month. But since Russia had invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, before I had published the monthly e-newsletter, peace was strongly on my mind and I wrote about that too.

Now it is a month later, and unfortunately, the invasion is still in progress, and millions of Ukrainians have been displaced, injured, or killed. The entire world is impacted by this crisis, as it will be by the way it plays out.

Around the globe, most individuals support Ukraine and its courage and determination to remain an independent, free country. You’ll read in the article People Making a Difference below about folks who are aiding the Ukrainian effort in a variety of ways. We can each do something to help Ukraine, we each have our own way to contribute. I am grateful that I have the means to donate financially. I also hold all Ukrainians in prayer; actually, each morning I send love, light, and healing out to Ukraine, then Russia, then Eastern Europe, then Western Europe, then expanding out to the entire global community. We are in this together whether we think it or not, whether we like it or not.

While war and destruction are raging—let’s not forget we’re not done with COVID either!—I don’t want to lose sight that spring has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring has always been my favorite season, and this is my first one residing in Prescott (AZ). This season often turns out to be one of renewal and rebirth for me personally. Mother Earth is awakening from the slumber of winter, and vibrant colors are starting to emerge on the countryside. Ralph Waldo Emerson said “The earth laughs in flowers.” What a delightful, uplifting visual, don’t you think?

The earth is showing signs of life, of hope—despite these troublesome times. What a great reminder to our brethren in Ukraine that there is life, there is hope, there is renewal at some point. May they continue to have the strength and courage to stand up for what is rightfully theirs, and may the rest of us support them so that they may be triumphant as soon as possible, bringing an end to the violence on both sides. May peace come into the hearts of every person on this planet to lift the vibration and bring harmony into all our lives and relationships.

Last year, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his anthem of hope, unity, and peace, Yusuf/Cat Stevens released a children’s book, “Peace Train.” And, he recorded a Song Around the World version of his 1971 hit featuring more than 25 musicians from 12 countries. Listen to it by clicking on the image below.
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Inspiration and Contemplation
Peace is my birthright.

Peace is already here, inside me. A great way to remember this is by noticing my breath. As I inhale, I feel peace expand inside me. As I exhale, I share my peace with the world. Peace meets peace. I am full.

I breathe peace. I am peace.

– “Everyday Joy, 365 days of ohmygod life,” by Z Egloff and Melissa Phillippe, March 22

A peaceful world starts with peaceful individuals. “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” It must begin with me.
Spirituality and War
Spirituality helps people get a sense of mastery and meaning from traumatic events.

Well, believe it or not I googled “spirituality and war” and came across a couple of interesting studies exploring the role of spirituality as it relates to war. One study explored the role of spirituality in coping with war-related trauma among veterans of the Zimbabwean war of liberation between 1966 and 1979.

The study revealed the following seven themes that pointed to the role of spirituality in coping with war trauma:

  1. Connectedness with ancestors
  2. Spirit mediums help to cope with fear
  3. Spirit of war
  4. Role of war songs and dances
  5. Spirituality and unity
  6. Spirit mediums helped with moral issues
  7. Believing in God

The study recommended cultural sensitivity in order to understand an individual’s coping responses when faced with war-related trauma.

To dive deeper, click here.
People Making a Difference
Helping Ukrainians
There is such a variety of individuals and organizations offering assistance to the Ukrainian people in unique and not-so-unique forms.

Thankfully, they are too numerous to mention. Below are but a few:

  • A Jewish girl was saved by a Ukrainian family during World War II. Now her grandchildren are returning the favor. https://wapo.st/3IR2s5v

The Ukraine national anthem is “Shche ne vmerla Ukrainy i slava, i volia,” also known as “Glory and Freedom of Ukraine has Not Yet Perished” and “The State Anthem of Ukraine.” The lyrics were officially adopted as Ukraine’s national anthem in 2003.

The anthem started life as a patriotic poem written in 1862 by Pavlo Chubynsky, who lived near Kyiv. It is believed he was inspired by the Polish national song “Poland Is Not Yet Lost.” Today, Chubynsky’s poem remains the basis for the anthem but there have been a few tweaks.

  • Listen to Ukrainian opera singers performing it in their native language (below).
May the song within your heart fill you with peace.

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Joyce S. Kaye, MSW
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You, Me, and Spirit

I was a devout atheist until 32 years ago when I "came to believe" in a Power greater than myself. Thanks to hearing the novel idea (well, at least it was to me!) that one could choose their own concept of God--and name too (Spirit, The Great Mystery, All That Is, etc.)--and the workings of synchronicity, I embarked on a new way of thinking, a new way of living, a new way of being in the world and with others. It impacted all aspects of my life and relationships.

Since that time of commencing my conscious spiritual journey, I have endeavored to remember The Presence in all that is, all whom I meet, and all that I do -- including working with clients in my own business and in the corporate world. I strive to be of service and to nurture the human spirit in all environments.