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How Yoga Can Support You During This Time

Beth Paxson
The magnitude and shock of this pandemic have created an overwhelming feeling of instability. Some of us need to get fired up; some of us need to slow down. With that in mind, we are excited to re-launch our Spring Special Focus series, designed to cultivate coping strategies to help balance the compressive force of this current environment and create a sense of well-being.

These classes will be held over Zoom. Registration and Payment is required before 3:00pm on the Friday before the class occurs. At 3:00pm on Friday before the class occurs, the Zoom link will be sent to your email. Please check your junk and spam folders for the link if you don't see it in your inbox.

Registration & Payment can be made through our website or through MindBodyOnline. If you are mailing a check, please allow extra time for delivery and processing. Please make checks payable to Paxson Yoga Center and send to 6840 S. Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97219.

Beth Paxson

Settling Down for Bed with Hope Fyfield

Hope Fyfield
We thought this short video might be helpful for those of you who are challenged with winding down for sleep. Quiet the mind, the nervous system and the body as a whole. Sleep well!

Zoom Update

Zoom is doing an update to version 5.0 to increase security. If you have Zoom on your computer, you can install this yourself (under your account, click "Check for Updates"). Some Apple products are updating automatically. The update only takes a few minutes. 

To make this easier for you we've included the link to download the update to 5.0.

If you do not install this update before May 30th, Zoom will automatically force the update across all apps, and it will take you longer to log in for your next class while it installs.

Next Up

We are working on our Summer Schedule! We don't know when we might be in the studio practicing with you, so we are planning on continuing the Zoom classes until we are given the ok to gather. We will send you a notice when it is available.