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Spring Art & Antique Insurance Newsletter
April 2011 (12th Edition)
Welcome to Spring!

This is the twelfth edition of the Johnsonese Brokerage Art & Antiques Insurance Newsletter. The goal of our newsletter is to provide useful information about insurance to individuals, businesses and non-profits involved with the fine and decorative arts, antiques and collectibles.


Are you participating in any fairs this spring? Don't forget to double check that your insurance is adequate for the inventory that you will be taking to the show.
I hope to see some of you at Art Chicago in a couple of weeks. I'll be wondering the halls enjoying the art and saying hello to clients and friends.

In This Issue
Library Gallery Hit by Two Small Thefts within 12 Months
AXA Tips: Caring for Photography Collections
Antique Toy & Americana Collection gets $2 million at Auction
Help with Understanding Workers Comp
Safe Grilling Tips for Spring/Summer


Library Gallery Hit by Two Small Thefts within 12 Months

ThiefTwo small value paintings have been stolen from a library gallery in separate incidences in the last 12 months. The latest theft from the New Canaan Library's art gallery was of a work by a local artist that was valued at only $2,100.


Library staff speculate that the thefts were motivated simply by love for the artworks rather than economic gain, but of course only the thieves know their true motives. 

-New Canaan Advertiser, April 11, 2011


This article is an important reminder that artworks do not need to be by famous artists or be of high value to be tempting to thieves. Adequate insurance is necessary even for artworks of modest valuations.


AXA Tips: Caring for Photography Collections


Here are some tips from our friends at AXA Art Insurance about caring for photographs.



When Transporting Artworks:


  • Make sure that the vehicle is large enough to accommodate the artwork and its packaging.
  • Make sure the works are professionally and correctly packaged for shipping.
  • Avoid using inexperienced art handlers.



When Framing, Hanging and Storing:


  • Make sure your artwork is protected with archival framing.Photo Collection
  • Glass vs. Plexiglas? Glass is easier to clean and care for but when it breaks, it can destroy artworks. If the photograph is of high value choose the added safety and protection of Plexiglas.
  • Always protect art from heat and direct sunlight. Never hang expensive art over a fireplace.
  • Use appropriate picture hangers for artwork, which are available at professional framing stores.
  • Avoid storing works in basements. If you must, be sure to keep the artwork at least 3 inches above the floor.


When Dealing with Insurance:


  • Keep your insurance company updated with the current values of your artwork. This should be done yearly or when there are significant changes in values.
  • Confirm coverage for the work includes shipping and transportation coverage.


Antique Toy & Americana Collection gets $2 million at Auction

A collection of antique toys, banks and Americana amassed by theAuction Hammer late Donal Markey surpassed the $2-million mark on March 25-26 at Bertoia's auctions in Vineland, New Jersey. The highest price obtained was for an 1890s Ives cast-iron cutter sleigh with articulated walking horse that went for $86,250.

Two cast-iron mechanical banks achieved a selling price of $51,750 each. Antique advertising and folk art pieces also did well at the auction.

The overall high estimate for the sale had been set at $1.2 million, and the estate owners reportedly were expecting less than $1 million for the collection.

 -Auction Central News, April 5, 2011

If you are a collector or dealer of similar items it may be time to revisit your insurance.


Help with Understanding Workers Comp


I think Workers Comp can be one of the most confusing types of insurance for small businesses and non-profits. For example, do you know if your free lancers or sub-contractors need to be covered by your Workers Comp policy? What about volunteers?


Hartford insurance has come up with a web tutorial on Workers Comp that can help you answer these and other similar questions. The tutorial is free and you don't have to provide any contact information or other data to use the site.


Here's the link if you'd like to give it a try.
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Safe Grilling Tips for Spring/Summer 


Every year, hundreds of fires are started by grills causing injuries and burns, some fatal. Most of these are the result of unsafe grilling practices. If you like to grill, it doesn't hurt to review these safety tips:


1. Only grill outdoors and away from the house andGrill otherstructures.


2. Never store a grill indoors; don't attempt to move it until it has completely cooled.


3. Never leave the grill unattended, once lit; keep a fire extinguisher close by.


4. Keep the lid open when lighting the grill.


5. Keep your grill clean to avoid grease fires.


6. Keep children and pets a safe distance away from grills.


7. Regularly check the grill for cracks and leaks. Do not light a match to check for leaks.


8. For charcoal grills, use starter fluid sparingly, and never add it to an open flame.


9. For propane grills, make sure the spark igniter is consistently generating a spark to create a flame and burn the propane gas. If the flame is not visible, gas may be escaping and could cause an explosion.


10. Always store propane tanks outdoors, in an upright position.


In the event of a fire, close the grill cover if using a charcoal grill. For propane grills, turn off the burners. Also shut off the take valve, if possible. Never try to extinguish a grease fire with water; it will cause the flames to flare up. Only use an approved fire extinguisher. If personal safety or property is at risk, call 9-1-1 immediately.


-The Injury Board Blog Network, August 02, 2010



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