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Spring 2013 Newsletter

Program Update
2013 has gotten off to a wonderful start for Jajja's Kids, 
thanks to our fundraising events and the generosity of many people! 

The Boys Home
As 2012 came to a close, a great opportunity arose--the twenty boys Ronnie had rescued from the slums last year were given sponsorship by the Amohoro community organization, also dedicated to helping street children. That allowed those boys to stay in the same place, but move from the garage where they had been sleeping into the main house.  They now have a chance at a more stable life under the guidance of Amohoro staff.  
With no shortage of children needing support, Ronnie went back to the slums and chose ten young boys from the dozens of children registered in his program, Former Street Children Uganda.  Since we had raised enough funds for a year's worth of rent, Ronnie located a very nice four bedroom, two bathroom house near a school.  It needed some cleaning and repairs, and on Christmas day Ronnie was laying new tiles down.  Beds were ordered, mattresses were purchased, the store room was stocked with staples, and in January the new group of ten boys moved into their new home. By February (the beginning of the school year in Uganda), eight boys were enrolled in school while the youngest two chose to study at home instead.


Ready for School
New Beds, Mattresses and Bedding
Learning the English Alphabet
Having Lunch
New Mosquito Nets for Everyone!

In addition to renting the house and furnishing it with essentials, we had raised enough funds to start the boys in school with uniforms, shoes and books, and cover the first term of school fees.  Additional funding is needed to carry us through the year and assure that these boys stay in school and thrive in their new life.  Sponsorships are greatly encouraged, and upcoming newsletters will highlight specific kids for sponsorship.  We plan to foster relationships between sponsors and children using Skype and other communication tools.  
  • A donation of $21 a month, or $250 a year, provides school fees for one child to attend school.
  • A donation of $27 a month, or $320 a year, provides a child with three meals a day.  
The Friday Program
The Friday Program continues in the slums of Kampala, where Ronnie and his colleagues focus on children with no chance for a formal education. This program provides lessons five days a week in English, math and art to between 50 and 100 children.  On Fridays children also get a shower, haircut and perhaps a meal.
  • A $75 donation provides fifty children with a meal every Friday for a month. 
How You Can Help
Jajja's Kids is now under the organizational wing of Operation Unite, providing us with administrative support and nonprofit status.  
And all contributions to Jajja's Kids are fully tax-deductible!
Contributions can be made to:
Operation Unite, with Jajja's Kids in the memo line.
Please mail to:  Jajja's Kids ~ P.O. Box 1425 ~ Latham, NY ~ 12110

New Fundraising Opportunities


skype talk

Digital Pen Pals

On March 30, 2013, students from four international clubs at SUNY Albany came together to raise funds for Jajja's Kids. Promoted as "A Digital Pen Pal", their idea was to have a live conversation via Skype between themselves at the SUNY campus and Ronnie and his boys at their Kampala home.  And it was awesome!  


Ronnie first gave a tour of the compound (including the chickens) and showed the interior of the home. Then, with all ten boys seated in their living room, Ronnie led their end of the conversation while students on this end asked questions.   It was a warm and lively conversation, and the two groups were connected across cyberspace for over an hour and a half.


Following the conversation, Diane showed slides of Ugandan life in the city and the countryside, and also the program activities Jajja's Kids is supporting through Ronnie and his assistants.  We hope to do more of this type of event in the future, with folks who are interested in seeing first-hand a glimpse of life in a very different world.



Raising Awareness, Raising Funds

A local businessman who is a great supporter of Jajja's Kids has suggested a very interesting fundraising opportunity for us.  Bill Smith, of Smith's Paving, has offered to make a donation to Jajja's Kids for every paving and sealcoating job he does this year.  In addition, Bill will give each customer one of our Jajja's Kids brochures that explains our programs and acknowledges the donation being made as a result of that customer's business.  


We are very appreciative of Bill's support, and look forward to working with him to share the word about Jajja's Kids with others.  Thank you, Bill!


We are grateful to everyone for 
your interest in Jajja's Kids!
Happy Spring!!
With Much Gratitude,
 Diane, Ronnie and Jajja's Kids

Tax Deductible Contributions can be made to:
Operation Unite, with Jajja's Kids in the memo line.

Please mail to:
Jajja's Kids ~ P.O. Box 1425 ~ Latham, NY ~ 12110

Contact Diane at:
(518) 588-0651

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