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May 21, 2013 
Dear Friend,

clivia for newsletter may 2013


Spring is here in Chatham.  After a slow start, the spring bulbs are all in bloom and the Wisteria has arrived in full force.  We had a windy winter with several storms that tore apart the shoreline and drove two new inlets through our barrier beaches.  The southern inlet through South Beach has remained open and offers better access to the Atlantic from Lighthouse Beach and Stage Harbor.  


It was the changing shoreline of Chatham, Orleans, and Eastham that first got me interested in the professional use of maps.  In the late 70's, I mapped the locations of inlets, sand dunes and salt marshes for my thesis using what was the first generation of computer mapping.  I had to visit map collections at the Boston Public Library, the Boston Atheneum, Yale, the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library to see and collect data from all of the charts to tell the changing shoreline story.  How easy it is today to find these maps online or to order copies for data analysis.


This Past Winter

It was a busy winter.  Over the past few years, we have developed a good Christmas market in both the shop and through our website.


In early February, we participated in the Miami Map Fair. This was our fourth year and it remains great fun, and a bit overwhelming.  Most of the major world map dealers are there to highlight their latest finds to museums, major collectors and other dealers.  The show is open to the public and a joy for anyone who loves maps.  A new show is developing in Chicago in September, but we will miss that show in its first year. 

Fine Rare World Map
Aard Boodem of Werelt, by Garrard Van Keulen, circa 1720
Van Keulen World Map

Currently one of our rarest and most collectible maps, this recently acquired map of the world is a stunning example of an early 18th century map made for royalty.  Practical with its use of triangulation lines and compass roses, and highly decorative with drawings of ships and mythical gods, this map is rich in detail outlining each coastline and featuring major cities and ports.  Note that California is shown as an island and there are only a few details of the North Pacific.


The Dutch Cartographer, Garrard Van Keulen worked in the family map business between 1704 - 1726.  He was known for his precision and use of mathematics in navigation and also worked as a hydrographer.  For a closer look at this map - see item number: WOR090CN on our website. 


Beyond the Antique Maps


While we think of ourselves as an antique map shop, we also produce high quality reproduction prints of old maps and natural history images.  A very unusual reproduction map that we currently offer is a whale map produced by Lieutenant M.F. Maury in 1861 from data collected on whaling ships showing the distribution of Sperm Whales and Right Whales throughout the world.



Remember to visit our Natural History print section.  That section provides an overview of some of our many antique prints including: maritime engravings and prints of birds, fish, shells, flowers, and animals.  These prints can be purchased as original antiques or enlarged in custom-size, high quality reproductions.  If you have something in mind, please contact us because only a small portion of our inventory is currently on display.


We also have a Natural History antique map section providing fine examples of geological, botanical and zoological maps.


Website Upgrades 


We finally improved the zoom feature on our website.  You can increase the overall size of the map by clicking into it, on the appropriate inventory page.  You can also zoom into portions of the map by clicking onto the plus and minus signs or clicking and dragging the toggle bar right underneath the map.  With certain maps, we provide multiple images.  Since this is a new feature, only recently added key maps offer this option.  If you want to see a map in more detail and we do not provide enough detail online, let us know and we will try to send you additional images.


Book Review:


One of our favorite general books on antique maps is produced by an esteemed colleague from London, Jonathan Potter.  His book, "Collecting Antique Maps - A New Edition - with Price Guide, An Introduction to the History of Cartography", was originally produced in 1988 and revised in 2001.   While Jonathan promises to update his book again someday, this 219 page, glossy colorful comprehensive overview of antique maps is well organized, decorative and easy to read.

    Jonathan Potter Book


Some of the topics this book includes: the basics of identifying maps, how to date them, evaluate them and when to seek expert advice.  It provides information on how to care for maps, map coloring, and restoration tips.


The photographs of maps, including the Van Keulen map that we currently feature, provide insight into the world of map collecting and inspire both beginner collectors, as well as experienced dealers.  This book is an essential guide for anyone interested in maps.  Bob wishes he had written this book.   We refer to it often and highly recommend it.  Item number: BKS005


Great Publicity

If you watch much TV, we hope that you have seen us featured on Vistaprint commercials.  We were selected from 8,000 of their customers to provide candid testimonials about their products and business.  The experience has been a life changer, starting last summer when Vistaprint arrived at our shop with a full camera crew, makeup, wardrobe and design staff along with senior management.  Filming took place over a full day. The crew went out of their way to make us feel comfortable.  The result produced a series of ads that have been used nationwide.  


We also had an opportunity to meet the Vistaprint North American staff in the Boston area to talk about our experience representing Vistaprint.  In January, we were invited to Barcelona to meet their worldwide senior management and to provide feedback about their products, customer service, future plans and work with small businesses.  Vistaprint is committed to helping small businesses grow and we are very proud to be a part of their circle.


Another mile-marker for Maps of Antiquity came earlier this year when we crossed the 100,000 annual website visitor threshold.  Our website expansion started seven years ago.  This year we added social media.  The growth in these areas has created a major positive impact on our business and allowed us to remain open year around in our resort community.     


We are currently featured in Chatham Magazine for 2013 in an article about antique shops in Chatham.  This magazine is now available on the newsstand and by subscription.


More Maps and Prints


Since January of this year, we have added over 700 new inventory items - maps and prints, mostly antique and a few reproductions too.  Bob continues to find an assortment of fascinating wall maps and nautical charts that we will be listing through the year.  With close to 7,000 items on our site, we still have at least 11,000 more to list!   


Our selection of Natural History prints focuses on botanicals, marine life, shells, and animals.  Other recent additions include a series of printed major worldwide city maps from 1877 by the printing house of Fayard, editor of the Atlas National and Geographie Universelle. The detailed city maps show local public buildings, city streets, railroads, and parks.  

Save the Date

Each year we strive to provide a special exhibit outside of our retail shop - which is open daily, year around.  This summer our exhibit, "Old Maps - New Color" features the collaborative work with our skilled map colorist.  Be sure to plan on attending our exhibit at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, in South Yarmouth, July 19 to August 4, 2013.  You are invited to attend the exhibit opening on July 19.


We hope to see you there!


Nautical Chart Nantucket & Monomoy  


Our Pledge to You


This is our first "official" Maps of Antiquity Newsletter.  We hope that you will enjoy our periodic eNewsletter, share it with friends, provide us with feedback, and offer suggestions for topics you want us to cover.  Our pledge to you: 


-        We will not bombard you with newsletters daily or even weekly.

-        We will not give away your email address to anyone.

-        Our goal is to cover topics that you might find helpful; highlight some of our key pieces; share our knowledge about maps; and keep you informed of new developments at Maps of Antiquity.

-        We will try to be brief or let you know where you can get additional information.

-        We will try to respond to all questions and comments in a timely way.

-        If you choose to "opt out" of the newsletter, our feelings will not be hurt, but you will only be able to "rejoin" at a future time with a different email address.  That is a strict policy of the Constant Contact newsletter. 

Here are some ways we provide updates:


-        Home Page of Website - changed monthly, summarizes 3-4 key changes and special pieces,

-        Social Media - weekly, usually timely announcements or news on Facebook and LinkedIn, images and descriptions of some interesting pieces on Pinterest, 

-        New ENewsletter - several times per year, with more in-depth news items and discussions.


We appreciate your ongoing support and thank you for your interest in Maps of Antiquity.


Danielle Jeanloz & Bob Zaremba - 

Co - Owners

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