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Note from Lisa:  Hello! As some of you already know, I am the Business Development Manager and newest member of the D.R. Domenichini Construction team.  I am excited to work with such a talented group of people and look forward to sharing some of the recent projects we've been working on.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance (lisa@drdcon.com).  I hope you enjoy our Spring 2014 newsletter!

Spring Cleaning: How to Optimize

the Space in Your Kitchen 


It's the first day of spring, and for some people that means Spring Cleaning!  One way to stay organized is to optimize storage space.  Let's focus on the kitchen. 


Most people use their kitchen every day, which means things are constantly being shuffled and moved around.  For example, your pots & pans; how many times have you searched for the correct sized lid for your saut´┐Ż pan?  An easy solution is a kitchen island with drawers to keep pots and lids easy to find and organized.


Many times small spaces aren't utilized as well as they could be.  A great example is that corner space in the kitchen, many times between the oven and the refrigerator.  This space yields a perfect fit for all of those baking sheets.  Stacked vertically with a divider to further organize between large and small, or cookie sheets and muffin pans, it's an easy and simple fix.  


You're cooking dinner for your sweetheart, and making your secret sauce, but you can't find the oregano.  After pulling out your assortment of herbs and spices, and even getting up on a step stool to make sure you checked all the way in the back of that dark cabinet, it's nowhere to be found.  Spice drawers are a great way to keep all your spices lined up and easy to find in a pinch.   


Another creative and fun way to optimize storage is a built-in bar.  An under-counter beverage chiller and pull-out liquor cabinet may be the best solution for storing your countless bottles of chardonnay and top-shelf tequilas. 


An alternative to a full-sized dishwasher is opting for a two-drawer unit.  This system practically cuts the space used in half.  Another benefit is the ability to disguise it by making it look like part of the cabinetry.


*Source: www.bhg.com    


        Five Smart Kitchen Trends

  1. Walk-in Pantry
    Custom cabinets are one of the most costly items in a kitchen remodel. Creating a walk-in pantry not only saves money, it adds resale value to the home and creates a better functioning kitchen. Imagine all your canned goods and boxed items all lined up with labels facing out. Martha Stewart would be proud. 
  2. Pull-out Shelves                                                               It just makes sense to have a pull-out shelf rather than opening a cupboard, bending down with a flashlight, pulling everything in front off the shelf, just to get to the Christmas tree ice bucket tucked way in back.  Having a pull-out shelf that rolls out easily utilizes all your cupboard space and saves your knees and back. 
  3. Pot Filler Faucets                                                            This is one of those inventions that make you say, "Why didn't I think of that?" How many times have you carried a pot of water to the stove just to slop it onto the floor? This new kitchen trend solves that problem. The pot filler faucet sits above the stovetop with a swing arm allowing you to fill the pot with water right on the stove.
  4. Wine Cooler Fridge                                                          As Goldilocks would say, "And this one was just right!" Wine refrigerators are designed to preserve and age your wine at just the right temperature in order to bring out the full flavor potential. If you invest in wine and don't store it properly, you lose your potential investment. 
  5. Coffee Centers

    Just as there are wine enthusiasts, coffee aficionados take their beans seriously. Today's coffee maker has gone beyond Mr. Coffee and is more like your own personal Starbucks where you are the barista. Kitchen coffee centers are comprised of coffee machines that allow you to easily make your very own non-fat, half-caff, decaf latte right from the comfort of your own kitchen counter (without the $5 cost). You might even invite your friends and take their orders. 


    *This article was sourced from "Morgan Hill Today" Magazine for which Dave is an article contributor.  For a direct link to this informative magazine, click here. 




Hello Fellow Car Enthusiasts. Here's an update on Walt (My '73 RS Camaro) The goal has been to build a classic car with a modern flair. It's a 4 phase project:


Phase I: Body and Paint (COMPLETE)


Phase II: Interior (80% done.) Completed items: new seat covers, carpet, headliner, tilt wheel, power door locks with remote, nice sound system, back-up camera, navigation, blue-tooth/hands-free calling. Items remaining, heated seats, air conditioning and power windows. 


Phase III: Suspension and Brakes. (40% done.) New 12-bolt rearend with 3.73 gears and Hotchkis springs. New Hotchkis front springs.
Phase IV: Drive-train. (Just starting.) Existing is a "heathly" small-block Chevy with a muncie 4-speed. But it is coming out, to be replaced with LS6/T-56. 


Phase 3 and 4 really need to be done concurrently... and that is what we will be working on in the next few months. I have acquired a LS6 engine out of a 2005 Z06 Corvette as well as a 6 speed manual transmission. I will be replacing the existing engine and transmission with this modern, fuel injected combination. It will yield more horsepower (should be approximately 480HP after cam swap and other modifications), better fuel economy, (currently 9 MPG... should be about 24 MPG!) and better reliability with lower maintenance. I am also adding larger front disc brakes, new Hotchkis upper and lower tubular control arms, Hotchkis sway-bar and a new hi-performance steering box. Stay tuned!


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Check out our recent time-lapse videos of kitchen remodels in Sunnyvale, Morgan Hill and San Martin, CA.  
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Time-Lapse Video:
Kitchen Remodel, Sunnyvale

Time-lapse Video: Kitchen Remodel Morgan Hill 2
Time-lapse Video: Kitchen Remodel, Morgan Hill 2

Time-lapse video: San Martin
Time-lapse Video: Kitchen Remodel, San Martin
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