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2014 Invisalign Preferred Provider
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Roadblocks and Success

After over 20 years of treating patients, I am beginning to see why we are unable to help some patients despite all the efforts we put into our relationship with them. We can focus all we want on creating an evidence based treatment plan, finding the perfect communication style to converse with them and helping them understand their conditions and the implications of their oral disease on their general health and well being, but until we truly understand what their personal barriers are to taking care of themselves, we will be unsuccessful in helping them.


I truly believe that there is a therapeutic alliance that must develop between my patient and me for them to get the best possible outcome of my education, training, experience and efforts. I have a responsibility to them but they also have a responsibility to actively partner with me in their care. An honest and authentic dialogue is critical about what the roadblocks are, to them doing what it takes to have a healthy mouth. You might assume that money is the number one barrier to receiving dental care. In my two decades of experience, that is not the case.


It is usually roadblocks that we have placed in our own path to success.


Trust is the most important factor in any relationship. Building trust is an ongoing process. Opening ourselves up to being vulnerable in any situation is challenging. I also recognize that being in a dental chair is tough for many patients so I made a sincere commitment many years ago to my own personal development and growth so I may be of more service to my patients. I never looked at dentistry as a 'drill and fill' profession but as an opportunity to help people achieve their full potential. In my case, it is by linking their healthy and beautiful smile to their systemic health, general wellness and mind body soul connection.


I invite you to discuss any barriers that you or your loved ones may have to receiving optimal health with my team and I. We are here for you- ready to listen and trained to create a customized solution for you. 


We change lives, one smile at a time.


That is our definition of success.

Practice News



                The Team at Darby Road in Scotch Plains, NJ on March 17th, 2015 


One of the many things we are grateful for at 229 Charles Street is each other. We are lucky to work with the best of the best in their game and have fun while doing so. There is never a dull moment here and there is absolutely no shortage of laughs!

Excellent patient care is all about superb individual contributions towards a common goal by people who work seamlessly together.

Come on over and see for yourselves or call for an appointment at 908-389-0222. 


Also, check out our NEW website at Doctormerriman.com 

Sleep Apnea News


Dr.Merriman attended the New Orleans American Academy of Dental Sleep Medine (AADSM) conference from February 28-March 1, 2015. It was an excellent meeting with some very knowlegeable guest speakers from all over the US. In addition to this learning experience, she also got a little adventure out of the trip. Since all flights were cancelled on the day of her return with no options looking promising for the next 2 days either, she opted to drive back to NJ with 2 of her colleagues. It was 22 hours of non stop car travel (bar a few gas station and quick food pick up breaks). She insists that it wasn't a rough experience by any stretch and that she has the bonus of 2 new friends!

Invisalign News


Congratulations to all our patients that completed their Invisalign treatment in early 2015. We will be sharing some before and after pictures soon.


And remember, form follows function. When your bite is corrected, it usually results in your smile looking more attractive because your teeth are in the right place.


Dental Tip


Halitosis or bad breath may not be from gum disease. Your first step should be to visit your dentist and hygienist. If they do not find any evidence of gum disease after a thorough evaluation, then it is time to see your PCP. There maybe a gastric issue or a systemic disease that is causing this problem. Don't take it lightly. Remember, the mouth is sometimes the first place to exhibit symptoms of problems in other parts of your body. It's the oral-systemic link!

Mindfulness Tip


Research has shown that the best way to deal with your emotions is to be aware of them and deal with them in a functional and healthy way. Avoidance of any kind will supress and displace them to your disadvantage.


To be mindful is to be aware.


Be Well, Do Well, Live Well

Until next time,

Sunita Merriman, DDS