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It was a very busy Lent and Easter!
I participated in multiple Missions, Retreats and Conferences in multiple States.  Many of them were covered with snow with highs of 1 degree.  I visited Niagara Falls while doing a Conference and Mission in Buffalo, New York and it was frozen.  

The weather was freezing but the people were warm and welcoming.  

This Lent and Easter Season I was also involved with my brothers and sister looking after our father.  Over the past few months he has been in and out of hospitals and rehabilitation centers.  He has been suffering 
for years with diabetes, bone cancer, infections and a myriad of other age related issues.  

On April 11th he was taken to the hospital with what turned out to be a stroke.  The next day, Sunday, April 12th it was determined that the stoke was so severe that he would not recover.  On Monday April 13th he was moved to a hospice house.  On Wednesday, April 15th at 87 years of age my father passed away.  There is something ironic that he, a tax consultant, would pass away on tax day.  I would have preferred that tax day pass away and my father survived.

My father and I were never very close.  I remember when my mother was dying, in 1981 at 56 years of age, she told me to not be surprised if my father and I drift apart.  My mother was prophetic.  

I never remember my father telling me he loved me.  Truth be told it was seldom that I told him I loved him.  Perhaps that is why I go overboard telling my daughter how much I love her.  

As I reflect on my father's life and our relationship it is very clear to me that even though he never said I love you to me he did show it to me in many, many ways.  As my siblings and I go through his closet we are finding suits and sports coats that he has worn for most of 50  years.  He spent his life going with less so he had more to give his kids.  He never had a new car but made sure we all had food on the table and new clothes to wear to school.  

My father, like all of us, was not perfect but he did have his priorities straight.  He understood that God and family come first.  He raised us in a comfortable and a safe environment.  He, along with our mother, made sure that we were grounded in Faith.  

My father was a good man and will be missed by all who knew him.

40 years in Ministry - WOW    -  

Mark is available for:

Mark Price has been a favored and popular speaker at conferences for many years. He is a versatile presenter who often incorporates his extensive research on many of the Apostles and connects their life's challenges with our own. Mark utilizes passion and humor to make points and inspire his audiences.   Learn More

Have you thought about your next parish mission?
In light of all that is happening in our world today; terrorism, war, scandal, layoffs, has there ever been a better time in our history to refocus on spiritual matters? To take time to renew, discover and grow in our Faith?  Learn More

Mark offers missions of three to four nights; combining Biblical portrayals and theological reflections on the liturgical season.  Learn More

Mark has been organizing, conducting and participating in retreats since 1975.  He is willing to coordinate and design a retreat to meet your specific needs; or participate as a presenter in retreats worldwide.   Learn More

Mark has been presenting Biblical portrayals since 1983. The portrayals of Biblical characters add a personal dimension that arouses greater interest in scripture and brings to life the message of Christ and the Church in a very unique way. Who better to encourage your parishioners to a closer walk and understanding of Jesus than those who knew Him best?  
Mark's years of experience help in addressing your group's needs and goals. We will work with you to tailor a message which will best address the issues and desires for the retreat and we can provide or recommend beautiful and peaceful locations for retreats around the world.  

Simon Peter bIn 1983 Mark was encouraged by famed child actor Bobs Watson to combine his theater background with his faith based efforts.  Mark was moved by Bobs Watson and his ability to combine his acting with his faith;  Bobs was 33 years a movie actor and then 33 years a Methodist Minister.  Mark took up the challenge and developed his one-man Biblical Portrayals.  The series is entitled "In Their Own Words"...   Learn More

SAINT JOSEPH the earthly father of Jesus encourages all to become the Holy Family God wants us to be.


SIMON PETER reminds all that we represent the future, that we are a Holy nation, the true church of Christ, chosen by God to proclaim the glory of His Son.


JUDAS ISCARIOT reminds us that as he failed, so can we. There is a part of him in each and every one of us. 


DOUBTING THOMAS questions the resurrection of Jesus, saying he would never believe that Jesus was alive unless he put his fingers into His wounds.


SAINT PAUL is responsible for one half of the New Testament. A persecutor of the followers of Jesus who becomes one of His most ardent evangelists.


SAINT LUKE is responsible for the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. He traveled with Paul and likely mended Paul's wounds using his skill as a physician. 


SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI is the most popular Saint in the world. He is loved for his devotion to Christ, the poor,peace and nature.


After an evening's portrayal, Mark usually returns to the audience and expands on the message.  Mark does extensive research for each Biblical portrayal and will share his exegetical, practical and personal experience of each character, as well as answer any questions there might be.   Learn More

Mark has been speaking professionally since 1978.  His professional speaking was an extension of his theater background and corporate marketing and advertising experience.  When a guest speaker did not "show" for a regional marketing event Mark was asked to step in....  

The following are some of the most requested presentation topics for Missions, Conventions & Retreats:
  • "My Testimony"
  • "The Divine Love Mysteries"
  • "Divine Love vs Secular Love"
  • "She Never Heard Me Laugh - One Man's Healing Journey"
  • "Who Defines You"
  • "To Thine Own Self Be True"
  • "Let Your Light Shine"
  • "Go and Evangelize"
  • "A 12 Step Program for Ministers"
  • "Life - Our Conversation with God"
  • "If Not You, Then Who?" Assuming Personal Responsibility
  • "Believe & Achieve - How Do We Know We Believe"
  • "It's All About the Little Things in Life"
  • "Being Extra-Ordinary in Ordinary Times "
  • "Called to be Family "
  • "Being Proactive in Our Faith"
  • "The Woman at the Well"
  • The 5 Steps of Conversion
  • "In Their Own Words" - Biblical Portrayals
In addition to the time for the presentation, Mark is also available for questions and answers with those in attendance.   Learn More

Dates are Available
~Summer, Fall, Advent & Lent~
Summer 2015
Ideal time for outdoor Retreats.  There are a few dates available this summer.
Fall 2015
Back from vacation.  A terrific time for welcome back Retreats and Presentations.
Advent 2015
Saint Joseph is the most popular Portrayal this time of year.  Either as a Portrayal or as part of a Mission.
Lent 2016
Our busiest time of the year.  All dates are locked in on a first request basis! 
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