Community Food Rescue: Feed More, Waste Less
Together We Can Feed More and Waste Less
The sign at a the local plant nursery read: "It's spring; we are so excited we wet our plants!" Our spring 2016 newsletter announces exciting new ways to participate in Community Food Rescue: CFR's matching tool is now a mobile app.  Join us for a   free webinar about keeping food safe--in the home and for rescued food. Learn how small grants have transformed the ability to serve others, and see where CFR will be out and about in the community. Read on for all the details.

CFR's Matching Tool Goes Mobile
CFR_s mobile app is available for Android and Apple smart phones.
Download the free mobile app today!
You are a caterer on site setting up for a wedding and your client asks you to donate the leftovers. Now you can schedule a food run on the fly with Community Food Rescue's free matching tool, using its new mobile app for Android and Apple smart phones.
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Volunteers can accept food runs on the fly
"We call Community Food Rescue the Uber of food recovery. Now it truly is. Volunteers in the vicinity at the time of a match can accept a food run with the click of a button on their smart phone," Jackie DeCarlo, Executive Director of Manna Food Center, shared.
The new mobile app, called Chow Match, is a companion to the web-based version developed by Peninsula Food Runners, a non-profit organization with its own food recovery program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Once users sign up online and complete a brief profile, they can use all of the mobile app functions. The mobile app is now available for Android smartphones and will soon be released for Apple I-Phone users.
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CFR Mini-Grants: Building Capacity for Collective Impact
CFR awarded $40,000 in mini-grants to help food assistance organizations build their capacity to rescue, store, and distribute more food and better quality food to their clients.
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New Creation Church serves more than 900 family members each month in the Wheaton and Silver Spring area. They used their grant to transform a small closet space into a Food Pantry by purchasing an outdoor storage shed.
CFR"s mini-grant purchased two commercial freezers and was essential in helping get the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless shelter's kitchen up to par to support 700 men  and providing them with 140,000 meals per year.
Keeping Food Safe Webinar
Find out if this is safe to eat.
Sign up for a free webinar on how to keep food safe and how to become a CFR volunteer food runner. April 28th 2-3:30pm EDT.
Have you ever wondered whether you can eat something that is past the package date on the food you buy? How about that slightly dented can or bruised peach? What about the food in your refrigerator or freezer? 
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Out and About in the Community
CFR has been out in the community teaching and sharing our model at local, regional, and national events.
After listening to a presentation about Community Food Rescue at a recent Neighbor in Need meeting, a rabbi said, "This food recovery program you describe is just great! Why aren't you in the community telling everyone about it?" Actually, we've been out in the community, giving presentations, teaching classes, offering webinars, and exhibiting at local, regional, and even national events.
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